What Does Decentralization Mean To Me And What Role Does Blockchain Technology Play?

Decentralization is bigger things than blockchain, Steem or Hive. It is a world issue and 100 percent of it is unattainable. Altogether, it is still a very new concept in today's world.

Blockchain has an important role to play in the attainment of decentralization but blockchain is weak on it's own. It constitutes a tool. Its use is determined by its users.

It is very possible to consciously and concertedly apply blockchain towards attaining further decentralization. This way 'blockchain' will become renown, revolutionary and indispensable even to the world at large. However, it is also very very possible to passively replay the dynamics guarding today's world (popular among humans) on blockchain all over again. This way blockchain will lose its potency in terms of stirring further decentralization and fade in the scheme of things like techs before it.

The latter scenario is already holding sway, oblivious to many but there is room for evolution. Altogether, 'decentralization' should be understood as requiring of time too attain. A curriculum will need to play out, not an outright code (law). Steem/Hive proof of brain model is proof of this.

If you have questions, kindly ask but see my video first.

Your Boy Terry


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You said it well and clear. That's what is so inspirational here to me beyond the technology ... the new way of value and practice human life and interaction, based on existing ideas which are finally getting some chance and voice through new technology.