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The sum of so many moments are building our life

Monday, August 21, 2017

2:42 pm

On this day there was a solar eclipse, an event that occurs when the Moon stands between the Earth and the Sun and totally or partially hides the Sun from the Earth. In this case a total one occurred, which means that the apparent diameter of the Moon was larger than that of the Sun, making the day dark. This was perceived in this way only in a part of the United States, here in Venezuela it was witnessed in a partial way, as it is seen in the image that I downloaded from a web page, of which I share the source. I did not find a photograph that I took, I guess it did not fit : (


I remember that day my children and I had an appointment with the dermatologist, I knew that the eclipse started around 2 pm and we had an appointment at 1 pm, but it was a little late. I was very anxious to get out of there so that I could go to El Morro Hill (Lechería), to see the eclipse. The dermatologist was about 5 minutes away by car, so we were very close.

Our consultation ended at about 2:30 and we went right away to that place, which, because it is a high hill, and from which the view of the sea is wonderful. Almost every weekend we went there for our recreation. Anyway, it was a good place to enjoy such a special and rare event.

There were not as many people as I imagined. Probably because it was a Monday during working hours. I was on vacation and had a doctor's appointment, but if I had been in the office, I would have had to settle for seeing him from the terrace of the building where I worked and without my children.

Fortunately, circumstances conspired to allow us to enjoy it from the best possible scenario and to keep this victory as a valuable memory in the book of our adventures together.

I like to save every moment for my children, so that when my memory fails, they are there for them.

Own photographs taken with my phone at the time, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (With the exception of the eclipse image, which has its source below)
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