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Be careful what you wish for in your heart, it might come true...

It's something I always think about.

My life is full of interesting events: sadness, crushed by joy; falls, made up for by hope; pain, overcome with strength; fear, aided by faith. There has not been a moment when the fact that I am not alone, that everything passes and that it is for the good, has not been manifested. It is what I believe, it is what I see; although many apply the principle of seeing to believing, it shows little faith. The truth is that we cannot see what does not exist before.


I firmly believe that God supplies all my needs, and He does. Always, in any way, from anywhere comes what I need, even if I don't know I need it at the time. Yes, I know it sounds strange, it may not be easy to understand. I can probably explain myself better in the following lines:

Premonitory dreams

They warn me of unpleasant events that will happen to me. Some that don't help me much, like some assault that happens anyway. But others are very useful, like when someone lies to me or those who guide me. It doesn't happen often, but it usually marks my life. I'll tell you just one:

When I finished school (about 20 years ago), I spent more than a year waiting for a thesis work in the drilling area, which my dad had gotten me with a client. In the end, the one who would be my tutor left the country and I was left at zero. I was very sad.

In those days, I dreamt that my drilling professor was offering me a thesis topic. I had more than a year that I was not going to university, I was supposed to look for my job in the companies. But along with that kind of dream comes an uncontrollable urge to follow it.

So I ventured to the university and looked for that professor, with whom, by the way, I hadn't crossed any words other than greeting. When I got there, he was at that moment in the direction of the school, where I saw him in the dream. So I simply told him that if by any chance I didn't know of anyone who had a thesis project to develop. To my surprise he said: of course, go to this address, there is something available right now. I left there impressed and happy. I already had what I needed, and the area in which I did my thesis was much better than that one, which at the time, I wanted so much.

So, as in this case, in life we usually suffer for things that we don't have or that we feel we are losing, when in fact something better is waiting for us.

Our vision is very limited. We have to trust.


The universe conspires

Once I was invited to a free talk by a coach in a club of entrepreneurs, and I loved it, the speaker gave me a lot of serenity. Then I wanted to do her Women's Empowerment workshop, which she gives in 4 hours, for an affordable cost. On 3 occasions I was about to do it and something was happening. Then in another activity of the entrepreneurial club, to which I was invited again, I won a coupon to attend just that course. I was so happy... I said to myself: no wonder I didn't pay for it before! Now I'll do it for free! I had a date for the workshop and everything and BOOM started the quarantine and I couldn't do it either. Recently, to my surprise, the friend who always invites me to the entrepreneurs club, organized a chat forum with that free talk and passed me the invitation link. Finally I could do it!

When you want something from ❤ ️ the universe conspires and grants it to you (unless you reserve something better, if you think so)


Something crazy happened to me once. When I was a thesis student, I had started dating someone. One afternoon we said goodbye, we were each supposed to go home. I was at my bus stop when suddenly my heart raced. I felt the urge to walk, not knowing where I was going. My logic asked me what I was doing, yet I kept walking. I went into a café and there he was, with another woman. End of story.


The everyday

Every day things happen that are so simple, yet so meaningful to me as:

✓ I want to prepare soup for lunch, my husband does not have in mind to buy vegetables that is what I need. Suddenly he shows up with the vegetables, because my mother-in-law asked him to buy from her.

✓ I want to eat coconut, my husband was in a place where a man was buying coconuts and since he knows that I like them, then he takes advantage, buys and shows up at home with them.

✓ Once I wanted to go to the market, but my husband didn't. I had already resigned myself. Then my brother-in-law asked him to take him to do some shopping and he couldn't refuse, so I was able to do mine too. I laughed a lot that day.

✓ My previous phone was working very badly, I was taking it to be repaired and it still wasn't getting any better. One day my sister, who lives out of the country, was calling me and she couldn't reach me. I told her that my phone was failing. Coincidentally, another brother, who lives near her, came to the country in those days and brought me the phone that I have now and that my sister sent me. The funny thing was that after I received the new phone, the old one didn't turn on anymore.

Just to mention some of the many events, which in my daily life, make me smile in gratitude to God; because I feel that He is always there, covering my needs and even spoiling me a little.


Your faith can take you anywhere you want, anywhere you're able to believe

I don't want to go any further. Thanks to you who take the time to read me. Thank you for your support and company.

You are loved...

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