Market Friday small shopping

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Market Friday small shopping

A post for Market Friday hosted by @dswigle, if you haven't followed her yet you should she is one of the kindest and most supportive people here on Steemit, a comment from her is like a ray of sunshine on your page.
This is the one tag and daily challenge that I always make a point of joining, and also look through the posts of others that join the challenge and seeing markets from all around the world.

For this weeks post, I am taking quite a stretch on the term Market, and I guess going with a made up market with my little friend Bahbahra

1 1 Bahbahra Market Friday_2.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

Bahbahra, is a little fridge magnet I picked up at an Airport when I was leaving New Zealand maybe 15 years or more ago, and I carry her in my camera bag and occasionally do photos with her, she is quite tiny about an inch tall, but I do enjoy making up stories or posts with her now and again, and this post is number two in my bored at home series, where I will be taking photos at home of various things, but do not worry even though I have done two in a row now with yesterdays and todays post, I will also try and mix up my posts with photos from my archives till I can get out and about for photo shoots again.

But back to Market Friday and Bahbahra, since my wife and I can not get out and about to the supermarket at the moment and are relying on delivery from the local Supermarket, Bahbahra thought she would step up and do some shopping to see if she could get some of the things that we have had no luck at getting of recent.

1 1 Bahbahra Market Friday_3.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 1000
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But taking a closer look at what she picked up at the market, I think she was more focused on what she wanted over what we needed, such as antibacterial Soap and wipes, but instead got such things as Spam and Ice Cream, now I do not have a problem with either of these, but I am putting on to much weight as it is without adding Ice Cream into my diet.

but from the next shot perhaps she was listening and got some soap

1 1 Bahbahra Market Friday_4.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F5 1/60 Sec ISO 2000
Click here to view larger

and a last shot of Bahbahra and her little shopping cart, which if you are wondering where I got these things from, at Christmas our Granddaughter , wanted these little toys that came in a ball with various little size copies of may items, they were hard to find but we went from store to store finding them and eventually got her some, and I grabbed 3 or 4 extra for Bahra, well for me to use for a shoot such as this with Bahbahra :)

1 1 Bahbahra Market Friday_.jpg

Sony A7iii 90mm F5.r 1/60 Sec ISO 1000
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

We haven't started Team USA on Hive yet but no doubt it will come shortly

TEAMUSAhive JJ.jpg

!pinmapple 41.222014 lat -73.057572 long Downtown Milford CT d3scr

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One should always have a Bahbahra at home...😉

Ohh yes Bahabahra doe so believe that to be true

and in the sentence you can easily replace Bahabahra by a bearded garden gnome ...😊

Ohh yes of course that is indeed so very true

Too precious @tattoodjay 😃 Love this, what a way to bring a smile on Friday, thank you!

Thanks, was fun to do and a good boost to my moral and motivation being stuck indoors LOL

I love that you brought her back, especially kicking it off in #MarketFriday! It is such a cool idea, and where on earth did you get those tiny little samples?

A cute little shopping cart and the girl knows how to shop the right way! :) Thank you and your little friend! She is the best!

It is always a pleasure to see you join #MarketFriday. Every week, it seems to grow in size, giving us new places to explore. Because of you and people like yourself, #MarketFriday has become successful. I am sure there are many times that much effort goes into putting these posts together. So much effort, so little time. There is a certain sense of warmth in my heart, and it is that of being thankful. I can’t thank you enough for being part of the challenge.

Fridays are all about the #MarketFriday Challenge! Looking to take part in it? Here is how:

How to Participate:
Go to the market! Any market will do! Food, Clothing, Plant, or Animal, if you wish. You can go to the zoo, an art auction, and restaurants. Anywhere or anything that you pay money for a service.
Take pictures! Be creative! It’s fun!
Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
Post the picture(s)
Don’t forget to use the MarketFriday Community to post from or hashtag it! #MarketFriday by @dswigle If you hashtag it, drop the link to your post here so I can easily find them

It is always interesting to see the different markets around the globe! C’mon! Show me your market shots! I eagerly await them!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and reposted

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You know me I have always taken liberties well not always but often with Market Friday LOL

apparently these little toy thingies were a big craze this past Christmas, we went all over trying to find them for Zoey LOL, They were recalled mini brands I think

I hope your weekend is going well :)

Oh!! That is so cool!


Ice cream! She knows whats good :D

That she does and she doesnt share LOL

Brilliant and funny. Enjoyed this very much!

Thanks glad you liked it, was fun to do somethign different ;)

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Hello dear friend @tattoodjay I loved the shopping tour with Bahbahra. I need one just like that so I can go shopping at the supermarket.
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Thanks I had fun with this shoot, have got a bit creative to keep my sanity during this lockdown

I think we are all in tune dear friend @tattoodjay, we do certain things to make coexistence more bearable and that the long hours of the day are shortened.
Have a happy day

Indeed we all have to do what is best for us

Stay safe my friend

That is the cutest shopper and shopping cart I have ever witnessed!

Now to own up to your granddaughter that you borrowed her toys to play with photography, hope you sent her a copy to see what grandpa is up to during time indoors.

LOL , no after christmas when my granddaughter was opening hers I was opening mine, and we shared any duplicates we had with each other, and yes she was the first to see that photos :) it was her idea way back then to get these for shots with Bahbahra

She sounds like a lovely little character giving you ideas, children see so much more into possibilities with determined imagination.

Ohh yeah she loves the Bahbahra series and is always giving me ideas for shots with Bahbahra :)

I can well imagine the excitement when Bahbahra comes out on display for next adventure, something your granddaughter will remember forever....

Ohh yeah I have a deal with her whenever I do a Bahbahra shoot I have to send her the photos first :)
make her feel special I guess :)

When I saw the second photo I thought that Bahbahra is bigger than I thought, but then I remembered your granddaughter 😉 lol
Nice idea and cool shots JJ, only Bahbahra looks happier when she was walking with the shopping cart but quite bored in the portrait photos ;)


LOL yes Bahabhra is really quite tiny, that second and third shot can be fooling of size LOL

and yes she like me doesn't do portraits well

At first I thought you had photoshopped her big or the food small ;) lol
She prefers action and movement just as you do 🙂

I can see why you would think that, but no these were little toy thingies that were a craze here last christmas

That was only my first thought, because I knew that Bahbahra is tiny, because the food boxes looked so real, but then I thought of your granddaughter and that these things must be toys 😉

my Granddaughter was the one who said I should buy some of these toy things for Bahbahra :)

Smart little girl, she likes Bahbahra too and wants her to be happy 😉

Ohh she loves Bahbahra, every visit I have to get her out of the bag :)

Nice small shopping photography.

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

I am right there with you. Pretty much all of the shopping we have been doing lately is online. We have our groceries delivered to our door and when we did a Sam's Club trip last week we just picked it all up at the door. I read the other day that our local farmers market is still happening they are just changing it to a drive through style. That area is so congested already, I hate to see what a cluster it is going to be now!

I think thats the sensible way to go, we get your weekly delivery tomorrow always interesting to see how much of what we ordered we end up getting lOL

Thats idea for the farmers market does sound a potential mess to me

Yeah, we always have quite a few things the needed to substitute in our order too. We have been buying for ourselves, my parents, and my wife's parents all at the same time, so the orders get to be pretty big!

Phh they must be pretty big orders, but we have to do what we have to do :)

Yeah, we try to tip big because we know the shoppers are in high demand right now.

Ohh yeah I am the same, but the problem is I am now running out of cash o give tot he delivery guy, I wish our supermarket would allow us to add the tip to the online order

Ah, that makes sense. We are able to tack ours onto the credit card in the total bill.

I just sent an email to the company suggesting that I know many others do it and it would be handy

The market trail is here again and thanks for sharing the experience @tattoodjay


Great post my friend. 😅

The photos are gorgeous. To bad you can't go out, I've read the things are pretty bad there.

Keep safe and I'll be waiting for another update of Bahbahra.

Thanks yes not going out s so frustrating, for sure but it has helped me to get creative and get more shots of Bahabhra


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Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Week 3 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

Cute and very creative @tattoodjay :)

Thanks, I needed to get creative and do some new shots at home to help keep my sanity or what is left of it lOL

Nice idea for marketfriday under lock-down conditions!!

Thanks trying to get a little creative :)

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You are quite the story teller @tattoodjay Your Bahbahra sounds a lot like my John. As soon as I turn my head he is putting stuff in our trolley that is not on the shopping list. Because they are of the unhealthy variety and he has become quite adept at hiding them under cabbages or a bag of oranges for example and I don't discover why our bill was a lot higher than what I thought it should be until it's too late. 😄

I wish I was a better story teller, my wife wants me to do a book with Stories of bahabahra

And it seems I not only share the same name with your John but the same habits when shopping LOL