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Market Friday small shopping

in hive-148441 •  10 months ago 

Ohh she loves Bahbahra, every visit I have to get her out of the bag :)

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Make a poll on the Hive and ask who loves Bahbahra - I believe the result will be 100% Yes 🙂

I do believe you are right but I cant do that as if you are right then it will only inflate her ego and she will be so hard to deal with

I guess you are right - working with her might get very hard then because she wouldn't be satisfied with small plactic toys and maybe she would demand that you buy her her own sheepdog ;)

and no doubt not only that I feel she would feel she is to important to travel in my camera back and would want some new form of transport

That's what has come into my mind too - you would have to take care that your new house has a long garage for the limousine you will need for Bahbahra 😀🚘

LOL luckily Bahbahra is small so it could be a small LImo and would not take up a lot of garage space

Right, that's true when you see it that way - I thought of a big Limousine with her own chauffeur which wouldn't be you, because you are her private photographer and author of her memoirs ;) lol

Well yeah of course if I am also to go in the Limo then it would need to be a lot bigger and include refreshments :)