Sepia and social distancing On Saturday

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Sepia and social distancing On Saturday

This post will be for Sepia Saturday hosted by @old-guy-photos and also a little rant about Social distancing, so let me share a photo first before my little rant

This shot was taken on a walk from Walnut Beach and through the Silver Sands State Park a couple of weeks ago, at that stage the push for common sense and social distancing was not being pushed as much as it is now, but I was still keeping my distance from people as this shot shows :)

1 1 sepia2.jpg

Sony A7iii 32mm F8 1/320 Sec ISO 100
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Rant starting

This rant came to me after seeing efforts being made for people to stay home and practice social distancing where-ever possible, being advised by Government and state officials and medical experts, but then reading that at the local beaches here, there have been big crowds of people, walking and hanging out in big groups and playing beach volleyball!!

You do realize we are all in the same boat? We are all stuck either jobless or in our homes. We all joke and we do need humor at this time but only essential workers have a right to complain. They are exhausted, they are fatigued.. they are the ones NOT complaining, they are out there fighting to contain this virus!!

Now I am not saying you should be locked up indoors all day, getting fresh air and exercise is good if you can do it, but please practice social distancing!!

Have you even read about COVID-19? Did you really READ it or just pass it over? The parts where it says the virus can live for 3 hours in the air? 92 hours on glass? 72 hours on plastic? Yet!! You keep hanging out in groups, playing volleyball, and thinking this is a mini vacation, as your young and immune... One person coughs while jogging, playing volleyball etc, and the next one RUNS into that area, and gets in and then inadvertently shares it with another, who has elderly or medically compromised family.. Think about it? Get your asses home.. don't you think we all want to go to the parks and to the stores? It will never get resolved. Do your part.. stop thinking your invincible because your not! When you have someone fighting it, you will understand and then think back at how much of a moron you truly were. Wake up. We have to do this TOGETHER -

End of Rant

I am sharing this on both Hive and Steemit today as I feel strongly about this as you can probably guess :)

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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Stay safe my friend, yes it's hard when you follow the rules but others don't. They thought that the virus won't infect them. I'm not so sure about that because there were new cases that young people were infected as well.

Anyway just make sure you stay away from the crowd for your own safety.

Yes the young people can be infected, but the symptoms are very mild, so they often do not get tested, but they dont realise they are also spreading it

I know people don't realize the consequences. I am reaaly huge on personal responsibility. I just had this talk with my daughter. Stay safe.

I think More these days need to be the same, you to stay safe ;(

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And what a rant that was! And what a great example of how social distancing should be. Great photo.

I understand from reports that the USA has now surpassed China in the number of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. And unless these millenials and feeling immortals toe the line on quarantine and social distancing, your country has the potential to double or even triple the numbers of China. They should have been rounded up and locked in a remote penitentiary until they get the message. There, sharing your rant.

Thanks, and yes that is my fear, unless people get theire act together we could be dealing with this for months and months and the totals will be so scary for sure

They're already scary as it is.

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Well said my friend and you are you so right with everything, but the youngsters should also know that they are not as immune as they think they are.

Here in Austria we have 8,233 infected people at the moment and about 2,200 of these are in the age between >5 and >34 years. 743 are between 15-24 and 1,237 are between 25-34. If they have previous illnesses or heart or lung problems the disease can be as bad as for the elder people or even worse.

This lockdown situation will last until Easter here and I think it then will be extended for another few weeks. This is why it is so important that the people begin to realize that there's really an invisible enemy out there and only by social distancing and slowing down the spreading of the virus our hospitals might have a chance to help the sick people.

Take care, stay safe and healthy JJ.


Appropriate rant... When it comes to life & death a little common sense will go a long way ..This has been a "me" society since the 1960's Self indulge till the cows come home... Guess some will learn the hard way while others will pay the ultimate price.

Thanks and yes I do think your right to a degree, but some will not learn a thing from this, I see so many saying either its a hoax, or I am young it wont affect me so I am going to go out and do whatever I want, clearly not caring about others

I love the photo! The sepia really works nice with the scene.

Regarding social distancing, I think people need practical advice to include the "why" and "how". I don't know how many people understand that the virus can live for three hours in the air or days on surfaces. We need to push that idea more.

Thanks and yes, sadly there is so much disinformation going around these days :(

Nice photos! It is definitely a crazy time right now. The timing of this really couldn't be much worse. I am going to be curious to see how many depression cases come out of this whole thing.

Ohh yes I think that is a statistic that may well surprise many at the end of this

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WOW, a great article and reminder to everyone. And as we all cooperate with the entire nation and practice social distancing, the faster will we control the spread of the virus.
Be safe, and take care my friend. 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks its not often I rant but just felt the need to do it today LOL

Take care :)

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Stay safe Jay!
Strange world at this moment...

Ohh yeah a very strange world, you to stay safe :)

It's mostly the younger folk that are still out partying on the beaches, the ones who do not yet understand their mortality. It's a shame, but they'll figure it out.

Yes its the same here i just saw a coupleof more posts showing big groups walking on one of the beaches here, mostly younger as you say, who feel its no big deal as most young people have mild symptoms, they just dont understand or maybe care, they can be spreading it to others