HIve Assets 2 : Fire Reveal Animation Logo

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This is my second logo animation i am creating for hive and its a fire reveal animation logo. I realised many threespeak users dont have nice intro logo animation and i believe this isnt because they are not available. They are abundant in the system since we have some good animators such as @zord189 who continually make creative arts content for hive and @thepeakstudio and many more. Today i have the honour to introduce you to my second hive animation logo. I love it and i hope you are going to love it too.

Below is both a youtube video link to the animation plus a gif format of the animation. ezgif.comoptimize.gif

Download the high quality mp4 version from

You can also use the gif version by right clicking and selecting save as to save it. Feel free to use the animation . Stay blessed

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