Teaching: The Most Noble Profession

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There's no profession as noble as teaching in that it deals with transferring of knowledge to hundreds and thousands of people all over the globe. So, if you are a teacher, pride in it and take your seriously.

Many persons hoard the knowledge they have but teachers don't hoard knowledge, they share it. Many also know but find it difficult to transfer the knowledge but teachers always try to make students understand.


It is really sad that in some parts of the world, teachers are not being seen and treated as important. Even some parents on the other hand do not want their children to grow up to be a professional teacher. This could be linked to how inappropriate some government treat the teachers.

Teaching I see to be a very noble and reputable professional and as such government ought to prioritize the sector. We need teachers in every area of the world. A place without a teacher is a time-bomb waiting to explode.

Whether you are a president, governor, minister, senator, engineer, doctor etc today, it was a teacher that taught you to becoming who you are. And whatever you may wish to become in the future, you will teachers to educate and tutor.

This set of people who give in a lot to the development of any nation should be treated worthily. In Nigeria, it is sad that politicians earn more than teachers. What do they really do? Nothing! Some only have the job of embezzling funds allocated for a purpose. Yet these are the people being remunerated in a better way.

Government should consciously begin to treat the education sector as being very important. Teachers work rate and productivity could be improved if there are being paid well. More disheartening is what many go through before getting their pensions, gratuities and other benefits; some even die without receiving their benefits.

Teachers deserve to be treated better. The education sector is what should be given priority to in that it is a vital part for the nation's development. Illiteracy grossly affects development but when citizens are properly educated, it is then you will see entrepreneurs steming out.

Let's join forces and change the narratives of the teaching profession. Teachers should not be made to look less important in any nation. Schools should be properly equipped, teachers should be properly remunerated. At some point, government could even set up a training session for teachers so as to improve their productivity!

Tell me how you feel about the teachers and the way there are being treated!


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