My Quarantine Life - Day 1-3: The fun, work and lessons

Today marks the third day when movement were constrained in my state in Southern Nigeria due to the COVID pandemic. Nigeria has recorded above 150 COVID19 cases and there is so much panic everywhere. However, only about 11 out of the 36 states of the Federation have recorded cases. It sounded weird at first for me, but I'm learning to adjust and squeeze out the fun out of the whole deal.

My Day 1 in the Office

My first day of the quarantine was spent in my hub. I had earlier told my trainees and staff that there would be no work. I had to go there to get things fixed and transport some of the needed office equipment (like my printer) home so I can be doing some work while staying indoors.

I had to use my face mask and gloves all through the day even when I was not attending to clients. Sad, the prices of face mask had since sky-rocketed to $1.3 and a pair of gloves is now $0.9. Many people know how to take advantage of such time as this especially when people panic-buy.

Thank God, i got my stuffs home and will be working from home for the next 10 days to complete our 14 days quarantine period. I am more excited that we have the steem and hive blockchain where my time can be gainfully maximized.

My Day 2 at home


Having the kids compulsorily back home from school was one thing I could not easily cope with. They are fun to be with but requires so much patience. I've so far adjusted to acommodate their scattering of the house. Now everyone at home only watches cartoon just for their sake.

Thanks to the internet where I can link up to the world to get updates on what is happening around the state, country and around the world.

My Day 3 at home


My work life can be so crazy a times as I wake up so early in morning and zoom for work only to return at night. This day, I decided to prepare and serve tea. I haven't done this for myself let alone for other for a while now. I'm glad I still remember how to open the water flask.

I hope I won't get so fat as I'm already tempted to eat at pulse meanwhile. I wish I can start using the skipping rope and hand coils to stay fit while the #stayathome fest lasts.

Work and Finance

At first, I was scared, but I remembered that contenting on hive and steem blockchain gives value back for data and time. I will give myself to the creation of more quality blogs. I'm also getting as many people to know about hive so they can make some earnings while they stay at home. There would be hunger especially here in Nigeria if the lockdown persists for a month or so. I pray that God heals the land.

The other good thing about staying at home is that it would give me time to read my books and study the Bible. I believe so much in knowledge and I am always so excited each time I have the privilege to learn.

I hope we all stay safe.

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Nigeria has recorded above 150 COVID19 cases and there is so much panic everywhere.

Early lockdown is the best solution to fight against covid-19. Actually fear is very important to control people. If i am talk about my country india then lots of people are wondering outside without any reason. So Fear is the only solution for this type of people. Anyway nice post.