The Resolute Bird that ate my "Carica papaya"

It was a funny experience waking up that morning to site that beautiful bird perch on the fallen pawpaw fruit. I didn't really notice that something big was happening until the second day, I met the bird again on the pawpaw fruit. This time, I discovered that the fruit was devoured to a greater extent.


I stood for close to 20 minutes taking shots of the bird dancing all around the fruit to make itself happy with the God-given meal. The bird wasn't afraid that was around and I kept squandering my sights into my cam.

On the third day, I discovered that the pawpaw fruit was almost torn to nothing. I only saw still the same one bird. As tiny as it looked, it was marveling to see that a huge fruit which could weigh as much as 6kg was broken to nothing.


How marveling is nature in every way. Each time I sighted the bird, it got dancing at the free meal it got and lo after four days, the fruit was no more. From the pulp to the seeds were completely destroyed and cleaned by the same bird.

I hope this inspires your day as go out that you can achieve something big. Never stop being grateful each time you've been hugely blessed.

The photograph was taken with my Infinix Hot 7 mobile phone.

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