Blender & The Power of Open Source: Let's Watch 14 Short Films Made from 2005 - 2020 and Learn About Animated Short Film Creation

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Big Buck Bunny was my first introduction into Blender. It was not a direct introduction. I came across the short film and was told it was made with open source software. Basically it was a show off of the capabilities of what a team could accomplish without having to pay for professional proprietary software. Blender developers worked extensively to improve the software in accordance with the needs of the movie. The movie helped direct the feature development and I think this is a great idea. There is an end goal of a specific kind of a movie in mind and by the time the features are developed, they can be used to create another movie or animation project of the same kind.

Maya Artist Tries Blender for the First Time

It is after coming across this video that I thought of making this short film compilation. Autodesk Maya has been around since 1998 and it has been a complete beast aiding in development of a l significant portion of the top tier 3D animation you have come across in your life. When a Maya Artist is impressed, you know you have finally a rock solid product.

Blender Foundation

Blender Foundation is a nonprofit organization responsible for the development of Blender software. They also help produce the occasional movie that gets released every 1 -2 years. I think these aim for producing a certain movie and the features being selected for development has significantly contributed to Blender's excellence as something that is just given away for free. Let's take a look at the movies they have helped create and you can make your judgements on your own.

1. Elephants Dream (2005)

2. Big Buck Bunny (2007)

4K 60 FPS Version

3. Yo Frankie! Open Source Video Game (2009)

4. Sintel (2010)

5. Tears of Steel (2012)

6. Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle (2015)

7. Glass Half (2015)

8. Caminandes 1: Llama Drama (2013) + Caminandes 2: Gran Dillama (2013) + Caminandes 3: Llamigos (2016)

9. Agent 327: Operation Barbershop (2017)

10. Hero (2018)

11. Spring (2019)

12. Coffee Run (2020)

Bonus: Making of Agent 327, Operation Barbershop

Everything Free - Everything Open Source

This is the power of a small project that kept on going. The short films themselves can tell how Blender evolved as a product. It is also telling you that you can do all these amazing works as long as you have a good PC running and time to dedicate.

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