DIY Tutorial: How To Build An Invisible PC + Create A Screen Only You Can See | Few Bonuses Included

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This is a very serious and real collection of video guides that explain and demonstrate how to do exactly what the title says. Don't expect some magic that makes the computer invisible like thermoptic camouflage or something not very usable or practical like projecting an image onto the object to make it appear invisible.

The Trick is Hiding In The Table

Part 2 - Making The Monitor Invisible

I the above tutorial, you still have the monitor as part of the setup. A person could suspect a low powered all in one PC setup or something else that would make the reveal less of a flex. For that we can do this trick:

You can add some drawer or other hiding mechanic to keep the keyboard and mouse from sight. If you went this far, you are not going to need a DIY tutorial to keep a mouse and a keyboard hidden.

Bonus: Desk PC

The idea of this creation is not to make the PC invisible but to create a unique aesthetic with less cooling issues and more space left in your room. People are using laptops to stay portable and desktops rarely change their position. Hence there is a very good use case for this DIY setup.

Using Your Laptop As Your PC Setup

If you have a laptop with some great specs, why waste your money building another PC just so you can have a better working experience with a larger screen and a far superior keyboard (and other peripherals)

A Screen That Only You Could See

Technically speaking, anyone with the properly aligned glasses will be able to see what is on the screen. But what is the likelihood of that happening? There are eve real use cases like working with your personal information and banking that could get the extra help of being invisible to virtually everyone else. It's not just a trick to watch questionable material without getting caught by others.

If that video was too short, this longer tutorial with more helpful tips will provide you with a better understanding of the process:

Bonus: PC In A Fridge

What the experiments show is that a fridge could help keeping a smaller computing cool resulting in maintaining good performance over time. But a fridge is not made to efficiently remove heat from the inside 24/7. A PC that generate a large amount of heat will simply have its heat trapped inside the closed fridge. It is better to stick with watercooling.

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