Important HIVE-Engine Announcement + Quick Guide To Fix Issues Transacting on HIVE

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As per our long held tradition, we are again experiencing some issues related to our successful Hard Fork 24. Even after spending more than 3 years on this blockchains, some things hardly change; they only get better. We have been through far worse and this is nothing but a scratch. These are simply what worked for me and you can try and see the results for yourself.

HIVE-Engine Announcement From @yabapmatt


Try Changing RPC Node on Keychain


This didn't work out for me this time. But it is a good trick to keep in mind. You can change your RPC node on


If Nothing Works, Try Hivesigner or The Dreaded Posting Keys

I know that many of you love the convenience of simply using Keychain for everything. But I regularly find Hivesigner saving the day or simply being available when Keychain isn't around.


If nothing else works, simply handing over your postings keys to the website works. It even solved the issues I had with @splinterlands I understand that this is a less secure way to transact on the blockchain. I would only recommend using this on the more trusted DAPPs like @dbuzz @leofinance @splinterlands etc. You can try keeping your HIVE on one account and delegating to another account you own where you do the posting. But that is preparations for another day.

Share Around For Anyone Who Might be Having Trouble

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