This is How You Get An Extra Discount With @splinterlands As A Minnow Investor

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There is less than an hour left to enter the Presale for Praetoria land. Due to the extreme demand from the previous sale that ended in as little as 21 seconds according to @aggroed, everyone gets to be a part of the lottery even if it is just a $12 investment. I am playing with DEC and it is for a very good reason:

You Can Get Back The Lost Discounts

Since this is a Presale of future assets, there are massive discounts to be had. Prices are already 20% higher for those who missed the first Presale. This is how the discounts will be for you:

DEC Prices From Minutes Ago (STEEM-Engine)

DEC Prices From Minutes Ago (HIVE-Engine)

You still have time to get a good deal. During the first Presale, DEC prices went above $1 per 1000 DEC. This time you have a great opportunity. Don't waste it. There are many good things coming and we already have an app on Google PlayStore with average rating of 4.8 stars.

Don't expect the things to stay the same when we are at the verge of a new altcoin boom and a boom for @splinterlands as a top ranking DAPP and the best game on blockchain yet.

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I wish I could have afforded even a raffle ticket. Maybe next time. Thanks for the info and great content!

Keep posting and keep playing. You will eventually climb higher. I used to be a very small Minnow when I started 3.5 years ago. Now I'm a Dolphin level account. Prices won't stay low for blockchain assets since there seems to be another bull market coming.

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Oh ya, I know. Let it build. I'm one of those small minnows. But I got my hands in almost every project here. Not literally, just financial. Thanks for the inspiration.

I think I am getting 3 guaranteed plots.

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I managed to get 17 + 1 more from Mystery Potion.

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I've known Dec to be a very good project and coin. Except if I am going to buy for investment sale because I am not the gaming type.

The one that caught my attention the most from @agrroed was the farming Farm thing. Really love the UI

I'm not very interested in that type of game. I did see some great new commencements for both of the games @agrroed was releasing on top of @splinterlands. Best of Luck!

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I wonder how it’s all going to shake out. I’m not participating in this one, the timing is unfortunate for me as it’s smack in the middle of busy days. I can’t predict if I’ll be on at the right time so looks like it’s full price for me hehe

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I managed to get 17 Plots. I think the demand probably didn't exceed the supply this time. Many were discouraged after the first Presale experience.

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cool so buying a plot was a good call

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If Alpha Cards are anything to go by, Plots will be a great purchase for the future.

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