Today I Learned That One Of My Favorite Genres Of Photography Is Called AbandonedPorn

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Sometimes people grow up thinking of something as very common and find it out to be rare. Sometimes people find out that a certain thing they already had in their mind has a name and sometimes even a field of study dedicated to it. The concept of "Antifragility" was like that for me. I was thinking about it and I was talking about it and then I found that there is an entire book written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (who has written some of the best books of 21st century).

AbandonedPorn Does Not Refer To Copyright

I wrote about Abandonware some time ago when I wrote my article on getting free access to over 16,000 games from 1978 - 2010.. AbandonedPorn is more about aesthetic appreciation of something that is very difficult to "manufacture" without a massive budget.

How Are you Going To "Manufacture" That?

This is another one I liked which is called “Mushroom House”, originally called the Pavillion built by architect Dal Nagel in 1968. Modern art or performance art or any other art except some extremely good editing/CGI tricks or big budget movies/TV shows will be creating pictures like this.

Few More Examples To Love

Russian Space Shuttles

How About A Plane?

A Swimming Pool From Denmark

A Graveyard

A Diner Abandoned After It Caught Fire (I'd Love A Meal Here)

A Gas Pump

Shaniko, Oregon - A Ghost Town With An Estimated Population Of 37

From The Inside Of A Silo

Another Kind Of Porn I Love

Hope You Enjoyed & Leander About A Special Kind of Beauty!

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Quite an impressive photo collage, a dramatic record of the ravages of time and the elements.

Thank You!

We should start this new hashtag! #abandonedporn

That is actually a great idea!

Great photos!

Thank You!

@tipu curate

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wow it does spark the imagination to intense degree! thanks for sharing these ;)