[Trump’s Sanctions]Iran has a much worse situation due to the Coronavirus

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My eyes are crying, my heart is beating, we are human, humans are dying, but why are we not seeing that this Coronavirus is the enemy of all humanity? When I have read this news and saw the images above, my heart is really crying. For humanity, I don't know what Iran's crime is, but now this time, we have to fight together against the Coronavirus, and please, Trump should lift the sanction against Iran, it is time to show love for humanity.

Iran has a much worse situation due to the Coronavirus .
And this Coronavirus is doing a lot of harm to the public.
We have to save humanity.
Should We All Appeal To The United States Government?
To prevent this disease, sanctions against Iran should be lifted.
Our voice will be to save humanity.
The United States should ban this disease again after the end if they so choose.
But now all international sanctions against Iran should be lifted.

I have heard. That people in Iran are dying with Coronavirus
And the Iranians are facing many problems due to American restrictions.
I have a very friendly request.
That the United States lift Iran sanctions only for the good of humanity.
And my friends
You must appeal to the United States in this situation.
Hope you all great hivians community will request to american government to lift the sanction on Iran. are you all support my today appeal to america for the humanity, please please please please please we are human, today humanity is dying , i do not know , but i know we all human, i need support , you need support, every one need support, this time, situation is really worse in Iran, please help humanity and appear to america government to lift sanction on Iran, this time need your help .



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