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Hello guys!
So i decided to pick up this writting challenge by @tegoshei
I love writing and literally i keep my writing very casual and easy going as possible, i am not really an uptight person, i love having fun in whatever i do and writing is one of those things i have fun with.

so today i will be picking the DAY 3 challenge "Your day in detail"
I have already missed two days but hopefully i will get to be on track and write as many challenges as i can because there are all interesting topics to write on.

Ok! today is Tuesday 7th of July, 2020. And obviously my day isn't over just yet cause we still have a lot of hours left until midnight hehehe.

My Routines

I woke up a bit late than the normal time i usually wake up. I do wake up by 5am to do my personal stuffs and then head over to my house chores.
Today i woke up by 6am and luckily for me i didn't have to do the dishes today because i had taken some time to do them last night hehehehe, it can be annoying waking up everyday to loads of dirty dishes to do lol.


After finishing up with my house chores which was only sweeping for today, i went ahead to fix breakfast. I had bread, tea and akara balls today. Too bad i never knew i was going to bump into this challenge today,i would have taken an original picture of my breakfast to use here, but i am still hoping to get the image on any sites to share lol.


I took time to eat my breakfast slowly while blogging too lol, i do that a lot you know? i mean i just go through a post and then slowly chew my food down my throat lol.
I love the feelings that comes with it hehehe.

I finished up with breakfast, exercised( i don't do much of it, but i know its needful to keep fit and strong). I took my bath and there; all refresh to start my blogging lol.

I stay mostly indoors since the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, now i am getting used to staying indoors and blogging.
Yes i spend most of my time blogging on different sites, and i have a lot of stuffs i am engaged in. I read many works and articles from others there by learning from it.
Below is the exact image of how i settle to do my blogging lol, it is an habit though it is a bad sitting posture but i really don't mind hehehe so far i am comfortable.


I am already taking my descriptions too far don't you think? hahahaha. While this is what i love doing so i could go on and on just talking; mind you, don't mistake me for a talkative though lol. I don't talk that much, my talking is only done on papers,that is "WRITING"

I would love to add more about my day but since it hasn't ended yet, i beg to stop there so i don't bored you.
Hopefully if i get to do this next time, i will make it at night so i will tell you more things that prevailed in the afternoon and even evening lol and i am sure you would love to read it.
So for now, i am resting my pen.

Thanks @tegoshei for this challenge, i love it and will keep engaging


I Write...

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Hello @zellypearl! Thanks for joining in on the fun! Feel free to write Days one and two, even if it's late.. haha :) Would love to know you better! Enjoy and happy hiving!

Oh i will try to do that, thank you. Keep Hiving too hehehehe

You're welcome... see you around! :)

You didn't go for Bible study and emancipation Thanksgiving.

I see..

hehehehehehe, i submitted this in the afternoon young man and no i didn't lol

You see your life?

I see you... Welldone.