Reggae Meditative and Spiritual style of Singer Reemah ..

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In the world of Reggae there are a number of Female Voices that have left this genre high over time, in each song these ladies give their soul and heart today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a lovely girl from the Virgin Islands United States ..

Waste a very good vocal technique, a voice with soul, although for me his is especially sweet.

His songs have as central theme a spiritual messages.

Reemah has been described as a pretty captivating artist. She is a talented composer through her songs speaking to the hearts of people around the world.

On July 17, 2012, Reemah's debut album, Check Your Words is followed with the following songs:


Reemah - Hypnotize

This album was relaunched in 2015 incorporating the song One Day is really lovely, acoustically it really is a music that is heard by how soft and relaxing it is ..

his second album, Breaking News, released on July 6, 2018
highlights the following songs:


Reemah - Give Thanks Everyday

his most recent album was released about five days ago on February 21, 2020 called DON'T WANT NOTHING
Produced by: Dean Pond

Reemah - Don't Want Nothing | Official Audio

until a new opportunity dear friends really Reemah is very talented I like the spiritual sense that this singer prints to each melody,
your messages convey encouragement
and for its soft tone allows you to relax I recommend it ...

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Great find.I like her voice and style.

Your content has gotten good. One thing I'd recommend is be careful with these:

his> her second album....

His> her songs have as central theme a spiritual messages.

I will edit this comment later once you see it. I want you to be the best content creator you can be. Blessings

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Eeehehhe! She's from Venezuela, she's on a learning curve, regarding her English skills! 😁

Hello greetings @trincowski
if I must perfect my English jeeejeee ..

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Hello, @dmilliz I hope you are well, I'm glad you liked these soft Reggae ballads.
If I like corrections and recommendations because they have helped me learn more and improve.
Maybe it's my language, or the translator I use will be more attentive to the writing blessings for you friend ..

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Hey Mariluna, yeah I don't mean to offend you in any way. I just want to see you improve and get better each day. Who knows where perfecting English can take you in the future.

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Very cool sound, I'm listening to it now! 😎

if this girl sings beautifully..

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Thumbs up @mariluna

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