Doll (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! Here I'm back for my freewrite entry this time for the prompt "doll". The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is an initiative by @mariannewest, which is now a community. You are all invited to participate in this challenge by checking the profile of @mariannewest, as well as @freewritehouse.

Gavin and Lois has been waiting to have a baby. Everytime she sees a mother with her child, Lois felt envious why she wasn't given a child. She thought of adopting a child but Gavin prefers a child of their own knowing they're from the same blood.

After several years, Lois finally got pregnant. She takes extra care while carrying her baby in her womb, but she needs to take care of her business. Sadly, she had miscarriage, and lost her child. She got depressed, but coped with focusing on her business, along with the support of her husband.

For the second time, Lois is pregnant again, and decided to take a break from working, and assigned someone to take her place. She already bought baby stuff including "dolls", toys, etc. Again, she lost the baby, and was told by the doctor that she might not get pregnant again. Her marriage was quite affected because there are moments when Gavin blames her of the miscarriage.

Realizing that Lois never wanted to lose her baby, Gavin apologized to her, and he will stick her with or without a baby. Surprisingly, Lois got pregnant again, and she promised not to lose the baby again. She stayed at home, and did what she needs to do so her baby will become healthy.

She's about to give birth, but there has been a struggle both with Lois and her child. When the baby was finally born, the doctor initially thought it is dead but they tried their best to save the baby. Finally, they heard the baby cried, and sighed in relief.

The couple finally had their baby. They thanked God for the blessings, and promised to take care of His gift to them.

This is my freewrite entry for the prompt "doll" which was written through the app

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