Fiber (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day! Back to my daily freewrite activity! Before anything else, I would like to thank @mariannewest on what she did. I couldn't elaborate anything more. Meanwhile, check my freewrite below, which the prompt is fiber.

Few months before pandemic, I tried to eat healthy,
particularly those rich in fiber.
I heard about lettuce so I made
salad with corn kernel, cucumber, etc.
It was good at first,
but gas begin to build up.
I had gas pains frequently.
I didn't consider that fiber is the cause though.
I decided to buy oatmeal, and ate them for breakfast.
I know it's rich in fiber.
It will be great for digestion and the heart.
Again, I got gas pains so I decided not to eat one.
I feel getting heavy,
perhaps there might be something wrong with my stomach.
Thinking of going out for jogging.
Though there's still fear of coronavirus.
The jogging I used to do in our yard is not enough.
My movements are calculated and limited.
Maybe, I will get back to my outdoor exercises but needs precautions.

The pandemic has gotten us exposed to different kinds of health risks. We may not contract the virus, but while on quarantine, we may get obesed due to less physical activities. People indulged more on food, while others who haven't got any government support are suffering from starvation. People with mental health issues became more vulnerable and sensitive. Thus, the need of physical activities amd good diet, but during quarantine the availability of healthy foods are scarce unless you are self-sufficient with vegetables around your yard. But not everyone has a huge lot when planting is not possible. Still, we should be taking care of our health during these hard times.


I had written the freewrite through the app/site within 5 minutes with its built-in timer. Additional comments were added afterwards.

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