Massive Security Danger (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! Here's my freewrite entry for the prompt "Massive Security Danger". The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is an initiative by @mariannewest. You are all free to participate in this challenge by checking the profile of @mariannewest, as well as @freewritehouse.

Nathan has been talking to himself while connected to the internet. He's kinda paranoid towards people he sees, and even some people he believes might be spying on him. Looking out for some apps online which he thinks can help him identify the threats around him.

He saw an app which he thought might assist him to track down people spying on him, which those people on his mind are unidentified. But he insisted there's a massive security danger, and the need to protect onself is essential in order to survive.

His enemies are not real. It's all only in his head, functioning, and somewhat ruining his life, as well as his relationship with his family and friends, because of his irrational beliefs. Fear has been unnerving him. Paranoia is causing that fear.

Worried about the mental health situation of his son, Lorna tried to talk to his son to consult a specialist that can help him track the problem, and get necessary treatment. Nathan declined her mom's exhortation asserting he's not insane, and went to his room, and shut the door.

It's a difficult situation for Lorna dealing on his son having a mental illness, who opposes therapy. At the same time, there are judgment from people around them, and sees her son as a laughingstock. Lorna needs sympathy, as she struggles to convince her son to seek help.


Here's is my freewrite entry for the prompt "massive security danger" which was created through the website

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