Mystified (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! Here goes my freewrite entry for the prompt "mystified". The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is an initiative by @mariannewest, and turned into a community. You are all invited to join in this challenge by checking the profile of @mariannewest, as well as @freewritehouse.

With his dream to become a successful rapper, Mike has been sending his demo tapes to record labels, but all he got to do is wait in uncertainty. He never stopped writing songs, and compiled them just in case he can use them when there'll be an audition for future recording artists.

While watching TV, he saw a commercial regarding a singing competition, and tried to audition just in case they will accept rappers. On his initial call, judges are impressed on his skills as well as songwriting after performing his original song.

On the second call to see who will advance to the next round, he was rejected because judges preferred artists who really sing. Disappointed on his failure from the singing competition, he almost lost hope in achieving his dreams.

Mike decided to produce his own content by posting it on YouTube. With his hip-hop dancing skills, he also posted such videos and gained him more fans and subscribers. His followers in social media platforms increased substantially too. He finally released his first album independently which he called "Mystified". He gained millions of streams, and one of his songs became viral being danced by a lot of TikTokers.

Mainstream record labels saw his skills, and success online. One of those labels he gave his demo tapes called him for an offer to release his albums physically and digitally. Due to his disappointment towards controlling record labels, he decided to partner with an independent record label that will also help boost independent artists.


Here is my freewrite entry for the prompt "mystified" which was written through the site

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