Pizza Made from Bread


Yesterday, I made a post about making my own pizza sauce. That's because I am craving with pizza, but I don't have any sauce. I searched online, but I decided to make my own because of lack of resources. My other problem is I don't have dough for the crust. I also ran out of flour. Since I have some loaves of bread here, that's how I decided to use it for my homemade pizza.

For the pizza sauce, you can check this post.


  • Pizza sauce
  • Loaf bread
  • Hotdog
  • Eggs
  • Cheddar Cheese



  • I only have three remaining hotdogs around so I sliced them thinly. Afterwards, deep fry the hotdog for just a minute, and then drain from the excess oils.

  • Boil at least three eggs until it is hard-boiled. I am not so good at boiling eggs so it wasn't perfect.


  • Prepare the bread in the plate. Spread the pizza sauce on each of the bread. As you can see, there are some bits of tomatoes, etc. It adds to the flavor.


  • Arrange the hotdog slices in every bread. Sliced the boiled eggs, and arrange them in each loaf of bread.


  • Grate some cheese on top of each bread. Afterwards, put them in the oven, and heat it for two minutes.


  • Now these are all mine! Bon Appétit!

I suggest using melt cheese to make it cheesier and tastier. But cheddar cheese is just fine. It tastes good, but I still miss the one from the pizza chain. Still, this is a godd substitute during the quarantine period.

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