Quarantine Life: Day 116, Second Wave in Certain Places / Vulnerable Ones

Source: Pixabay

In some parts of the world, second wave of the pandemic seems to be happening, and that was reported in Central Asia. Even in France, they are considering lockdown again if cases continue to surge in high numbers. While other countries reportedly have a lot of new cases when quarantine was eased.

The virus will attack people from all sorts, but older people and those with health issues are vulnerable to contract disease. Still, if someone from the house go out, and had interaction with Covid19 unknowingly, that person may become a carrier, and still transmit the virus to vulnerable individuals.

Coronavirus cases

As for the latest update, more than 200k new cases was seen bringing to a total of 11.994 million globally. Fatalities still surges in thousands witb 547k total, while high surge recoveries was also observed now at 6.533 million. United States seems having a hard time to control with tens of thousands of new cases each day with latest number of 3.109 million. There are 134k deaths already, and 936k recovered cases. Brazil is still struggling with new cases with total of 1.716 million, and that included their President. 1.117 million recoveries was counted, which shows they are doing better than US with that number.

With more than 2,000 new cases, Philippines breached to 50k already. The new total is 50,359. Fatalities remained slower though with 1,314. Recoveries has slowed down too with 12,588 total. Good to see there's no new cases here in Pangasinan, as it remains with 27 active cases.

Frontliners Contracting the Virus

Frontliners has been exposed to different people, and they're the most likely to contract the virus. In a medical center in Metro Manila, there are 17 frontliners who contracted the virus. Aside from medical personnels, those who are in the field are also prone because of people they are checking out. In fact, more than 900 police officers had the virus. Some officials got the virus too. Unsure how they got them, but we are still unsure of the findings that Covid19 is airborne. Investigation about the matter is still ongoing.

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