Quarantine Life: Day 135, Still Not Strict in Our Place

Source: Pixabay

The provincial government has warned people to observe the guidelines, and we are at the capital town. Even the town's mayor has warned people to wear their masks, and vulnerable people should stay at their homes. However, you can't hardly trace the strictness in our town.

As I walked on my way to my brother's house, I saw a lot of people not wearing their masks. Others had their masks lowered without covering their nose. There are minors walking around, and even senior citizens, who should be staying at home. The lack of implementation might be the problem, and there are no patrols going around.

Coronavirus cases

Simce yesterday morning, the number of cases surged about 300k. The total as of this moment is 16.495 million, including 654k fatalities and 9.59 million recoveries. The hardest hit countries remain: US - 4.376 million total / 150k deaths / 1.312 million recoveries; Brazil - 2.443 million total / 1.667 million recoveries; India - 1.483 million total / 952k recoveries.

More than 3k new cases was recorded since yesterday morning. The total this time is 83,673, which included 1,947 fatalities and 26,617 recoveries. There's good news regarding 8 patients who recovered today. From 77 yesterday, the total active cases is now down to 69.

Quarantine Thoughts: Foods

One of the worries during the pandemic is where are we going to get our foods. When the quarantine started, we tried our best to store foods as much as we can. We have to bear of what kinds of foods we are going to eat as long as we can survive. Being in an area where hard lockdown was imposed, we are not allowed to go to the market. Other villages has their own schedules to buy their necessities, we are not given the schedule due to the three cases from our place. My brother from the nearby village buy what we need, and deliver them at the border. Someone from the village also sells various kinds of foods, and deliver them after ordering through Facebook. Weeks after the hard lockdown, the municipal government set a mobile market in our village until hard lockdown was lifted with lighter restrictions.

Relief goods finally arrived in our town more than a month after lockdown. Actually, many has really benefitted from them. Some people are even happy to receive their goods which they haven't experienced in the past. This pandemic might have affected us in a huge scale, but we also learned a lot for our daily survival.

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