Quarantine Life: Day 136, Are We Being Fed With Accuracy

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Checking my email this morning, I saw from notifications from Gab. It's regarding the video that was blocked by Big Techs such as Facebook, YouTube, and the likes. It is regarding doctors holding a conference regarding coronavirus and the possible medicine that can be taken. The video cannot be watched properly though. Thus, the censorship issue arise by banning the video. Another issue is regarding what we are fed of about the coronavirus is falsehoods, and there are a lot of conspiracy theories around.

As I already mentioned before, the issue regarding the statistics flaw, i.e, the number of deaths and actual numbers of Covid19 cases. Of course, there's no perfect statistics with regards to the cases. Though, they can still be a basis to warn us not to get contact with the virus. It is tiring to see that we are fed of inaccurate news from mainstream media, and the rise of a lot of conspiracy theories makes it difficult for someone what to really believe because both sides can't be totally accurate.

Coronavirus cases

Based on the data available provided through Google, Wikipedia, and various sources, total of cases has reached 16.66 million, and it includes 658k fatalities, and recovered cases with 9.699 million.
The top 3 hardest hit countries:

  • US - 4.426 million total / 151k fatalities / 2.151 million recoveries
  • Brazil - 2.484 million total / 1.721 million recoveries
  • India - 1.483 million total / 952k recoveries
    It seems the provided tally regarding recoveries in the US in the past might not be accurate, or there might have been a sudden surge of recoveries.

The provided stats in the Philippines is not yet updated from last night, it is still at 83,673, including 1,947 fatalities and 26,617 recovered cases. After a number of recoveries yesterday, Pangasinan had new cases again with total of active cases back to 78.

Quarantine Thoughts: Face Masks

Before the quarantine, we didn't expect some lockdown, but we are already advised to use face masks. So before the quarantine, we prepared face masks, but eventually not often used because we are staying at home, which doesn't require wearing masks. Meanwhile, there are issues regarding wearing face masks, and its dangers. I don't know if I am going to believe what's being in the internet considering a lot of mixed up information. But one thing that we should do is take care of our health.

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