Quarantine Life: Day 138, Quarantine Extensions

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This is actually expected as number of cases are still high. From the latest meeting with IATF, there are only two classifications of quarantine starting tomorrow. General Community Quarantine or GCQ would be the status of selected areas, which includes Metro Manila, and Cebu. The rest of the country would be under Modified General Community Quarantine or MGCQ. Thus, there won't be MGQ (or Modified General Quarantine) as some of the places were in such status until today.

Coronavirus cases

The total of cases has exceeded 17 million with current number at 17.219 million. Fatalities has reached 671k, while recoveries finally crossed 10 million, which is currently at 10.077 million. Here are the top 3 countries with most cases:

  • US has now 4.577 million total cases, 154k deaths, and 2.24 million recoveries.
  • Brazil reached 2.613 million cases, and 1.824 million total recoveries.
  • India has 1.5383 million total cases, and crossed a million recoveries with 1.02 million.

Philippines has recorded again a huge spike on new cases with 89,374 total cases. Fatalities climbed already at 1,983. But it came as a surprise that from 26k recoveries, the total has reached 65,064 already. Our province has a single new case with total active cases at 84.

The Sudden Spike of Recoveries

Based on the current stat, the number of recoveries in the Philippines has reached 65k. It's almost 40k new recoveries was added yesterday. Unsure about the accuracy. Of course, it won't be totally accurate as in many stats, but nothing was heard about it. Or there might be some recoveries from previous days or weeks not counted? We cannot say. Of course, we are happy that tons of Covid19 cases has already recovered. But isn't it great to hear statement about it?

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