Quarantine Life: Day 139, Surge of Recoveries Explained

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I had mentioned yesterday that we're hoping to hear some explanations regarding the sudden surge of recoveries. Hearing about 38k recoveries gives a light of hope, but would be great to hear the explanations because it's not the usual, with barely 1k recoveries per day prior. I heard that some recoveries are previously not counted accordingly, but the issue arise as DOH was said to have counted mild and asymptomatic cases as recovered. Yes, that's really confusing, and somewhat insulting knowing those mild and asymptomatic cases still carries the virus.

Coronavirus cases

Each day, the number of new cases seem to not got down as the current tally shows 17.497 million cases, with fatalities at 677k, and recoveries with 10.257. So far, recoveries are high. The top 3 countries which are hardest hit remains:

  • US has already counted 4.642 million total cases, 155k deaths, and 2.273 million recoveries.
  • Brazil was up to 2.666 million cases, and 1.884 million total recoveries.
  • India continues to go up now at 1.638 million total cases, and crossed a million recoveries with 1.057 million.

Phillipines crossed 90k now at 93,357, showing a huge increase again. That includes fatalities at 2,023, and 65,178 recoveries, which the latter has been controversial. A number of recoveries was counted here in Pangasinan, and there's only one new case. The total of active cases is down to 77.

Quarantine Thoughts: Resilience

People have been on the brink of crisis, yet they never gave up. Many doesn't have the means of income as businesses are closed during the quarantine. The source of food became a major problem especially in places where relief goods came late, while others didn't receive any. But I noticed the resilience finding their way so they can put food in the table. Many people tried online selling using their skills in cooking or making different kinds of foods, while others do resell. I saw someone creates posts on Facebook in a somewhat funny way but insults online sellers. One thing these people doesn't realize is why people are selling online. Don't they realize people needs to eat, and it's a sign of resilience to continue living without relying to others.

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