Quarantine Life: Day 68, Market Day Schedule Remains

Source: Pixabay

It is Saturday, and market day schedule was still practiced. Today is the schedule of our village, so I would be preparing my list of things to buy. Though, there's a supermarket which doesn't follow such schedule. They have their own patterns though by which only a number of people are allowed to go inside, and there's numbering to follow, which is somehow a good idea. That way, accumulation of crowds inside the establishment would be avoided.

Coronavirus cases

More than 100k has been listed as positive cases of coronavirus since yesterday. As of this writing, the total is already at 5.21 million. Fatalities surged to 338k, while 2.05 million has already recovered. United States is almost at the same surge rate with total of 1.634 million. Fatalities there has slowed down now at 96k, with 313k recoveries.

So far, the number of new cases slowed down here in the Philippines too. The latest count is 13,597, which included 857 fatalities and 3,092 recovered patients. The same number remains here in our province, Pangasinan. It is yet to know the results of those persons under monitoring and persons under investigation.

Stay at Home Even After the Quarantine Period

The quarantine period in our province would be until the 31st. But I don't think I would be going around after that. I would still stay at home to keep myself safe. Maybe, I will go out when necessary but I have my brother who will go out. Besides, he has motorcycle. If I would be the one to go out, I would be walking.

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