First Professional Skateboarder In China

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Che Lin is the first professional skateboarder in China.

He was also the first Chinese Skateboarder to win a gold medal in the inter-continental competitions.

It was indeed a recognition for the hard work he had put in for his passion in skateboarding.

Video Source

He learnt his skateboarding skills from skateboarding videos and he had to play in slow motions to learn the skills since there was no one to guide him.

The more he learnt, the more moves he was able to perform. His love for skateboarding increase as his skills improved.

Watch the inspiring sharing from the first pro skater in China.

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That’s awesome! It is definitely difficult to learn how to skate when you don’t have anyone to teach you. Now that I think of it, a lot of the great friendships and comraderie comes from people teaching each other tricks.

I remember always looking to some of the dudes I skated with to learn new things. It works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t but just being able to show them or have them show you something is huge. It also motivates you to do it more I think!

Some of the most boring skate sessions I’ve had were by myself. Perhaps I wasn’t used to skating solo though so maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy it. I did enjoy the social aspect of it all!

In the early days in China, skateboarding was not popular yet so it was quite tough for him to learn on his own but he has the passion for it. Learning from fellow skateoboarders is a great way to bond. Thanks for the comment! 😀