My Day: I Got a Visitor and Some Macro Photos

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It rained last night so I don't have to water my plants. I cooked our breakfast first before washing my clothes. I am so tired that I have to lay down and rest afterwards. I am unable to cook our lunch so my younger brother volunteered to do so.

After having my lunch, I taught my deaf student online again. As I still feel my tiredness, I went outside to check my plants because it makes me feel better.

While I am outside, I saw this visitor outside. It is a stray cat. I don't know if it's lost or just coming by. I want to adopt it but someone might own it so I just captured pictures of it.




Then I walked around again to capture some macro photos again. Check the photos below:





I feel better after checking my plants, and walking around the village. The green grasses actually helped. Maybe my eyes are just tired, and also physically tired from washing my clothes as they were done manually.

I got some energy again so I volunteered to cook our dinner. I am happy that my brother helped me in. Now, I am just done dinner, and we are about to watch a movie my brother downloaded.

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Wooaww very very clear photos. What's the name of your camera?