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in hive-152587 •  11 months ago 

Hi guys,this is our first post here in this community and and we wanted to say that we think this group can really become one of the most relevant on Steem's platform. Since the moment we entered Steem we felt that we could finally unleash our creativity and share opinions, interests, art and much more with the whole world, all this also having the opportunity to receive real appreciation in the form of virtual currency, and not through advertising or other bullshit that uses the most popular social media.


Despite everything, we also believe that creating original content is very important, so in order to bring some freshness on this community we want to ask @dobartim and @flysky about the possibility of creating something to entertain and stimulate people to use this channel more and more. It would be fantastic to organize contests or themed publications for specific days. We thought for example of a "musical Tuesday", or a day dedicated to photography, painting...

This is just an idea of ​​course and everyone can help giving opinions and ideas for this, let's make steem a wonderful place!


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