Garden Flowers in May [15 Photos]

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Take a look at all the interesting flowers growing in my garden this year in the month of May.

Here, I am sharing all the interesting colors and shapes of flowers appearing, and sharing any fun tidbits I can about each one.


Pictured on top are Blueberry flowers.

Appearing on the new shrub I recently planted are these little white morals I already want to pluck off and eat.

These flowers are a bit of miracle, and there is an interesting story behind these beauties.

I actually rescued this shrub only a week earlier, after it was buried underneath five feet of wood chips. The nearby Gooseberry bush fared even worse, with all kinds of crunched branches and frail berries forming.

Yeah, I had a fit with the free chipdrop delivery guys who did not read the instructions on where to dump the load. Their truck came in like a T-Rex ripping down tree limbs in their path at they attempted to leave tracks towards the center of the yard. Two weeks late, they came in the evening when I started to take a shower, so I only caught the aftermath.

Fortunately, the plant survived after a quick solo rescue operation. Both bushes are doing well. It will be another year without Gooseberries though.

Wild Geranium

When these fragile seedlings come up, I always try to protect a few, and hope they appear in good places. They seem to sprout randomly around the house anywhere there is lots of warm sun shinning down on rich organic soil.

This year I got a great big plant growing on the front curb in front of the Juniper.



Lily of the Valley

This plant is mulitplying this year. I think there is twice as many sprouting now than I original planted a couple years ago. It is spreading into the lawn. No big deal because this plant is easy to dig out or mow, with very tender leaves.

The white bells and super floral scent softens up a muddy corner with a measure of bliss. Too bad I have to stoop down so low to sniff 'em.






I find it fun to discover that certain fruits and vegetables that with a red rind can also develop a flower with hints of red.

Most radish flowers are snow white, but these have a candy pink rim.

Try planting different varieties of radish to learn what sort of flowers you get. Letting a few go to flower is a great way to keep more radishes growing all season. The seeds from the flowers may not be exactly the same as the parent plant, but probably similar enough.

Experiment with pollinating the flowers with the best colors, and develop new Radish varieties with better and better flowers in each new generation. Impress your friends with wild tales of your newfound botanist wizardry.




Our earliest rose. Hints of an orange and raspberry cocktail creamsicle.




Siberian Wallflower

For weeks I've been watching this one spread to new locations, wondering what it is.

Apparently it's Wallflower, adored for it's tall upward blasting fountains of flowers.

Adored for its ability to sweeten the air with a charming perfume.

Along the fence lines it can be more challenging to pull weeds, but this Wallflower does much of the work for me by smothering out the competition.

With hundreds of flowers full of sweet nectar in Spring, it attracts many beneficial pollinators, great for my nearby vegetable garden. This also makes it a welcomed addition.





What's not to like about this flower. Get one well established, and it will stay green all year long, and return with more flowers than before. Flowers will last most of Spring and Summer. Lightly sweet.

I usually transplant starts, and keep any weak stems protected by mounding around them with potting soil. Think they grow better in smaller pots than in the ground, because it holds the moisture in. So never let the soil dry out completely.

Stores will also sell them in violet colors, which I love, but they are less hardy. Temperatures too hot or cold will dry out the soil and kill them.



The hydrangea cuttings I planted are blooming big this year.

These will become future bonsai trees with oddly dis-proportionally large flowers.

As a rule of thumb, I've learned to always wait for flowering shrubs, like this, to bloom before pruning. This way you get maximum flower results. And when the flowers are spent, this is a good signal the plant is ready be tidied up with light pruning before it continues to grow further.




Mystery Bonus

Not exactly a flower, but certainly a bright orange bloom.

This weird mold was mistaken for a foam or sponge. I first thought it was a lemon rind a bird or rodent dropped, until I looked more closely.

This one rates up near the top of strangest fungus blossoms I've found growing in our yard. One year I found fungus bloom that looked like a forest of cheddar cheese glazed deli sliced smoked ham, so that one is still tops.

Most of the weird fungus I have found have been oriented on the wood chips I have brought in. Since the wood is a mixture of various types of trees, I'm guessing certain types of decomposed wood mixtures are more likely to carry unique new varieties of fungus.


The yellow blob was easily removed and has not reappeared, so no worries that it will spread all over. Let's just say we got to witness a one-time wonder at the right place at the right time.

I've seen these foam style fungi appear once a year overnight, and then they melt away with a matter of days if left alone.


How did you like the flowers this time? Were you grossed out by the end or fascinated?

Share you thoughts below.

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The natural environment is beautiful, i am really captured by this post because, I love flowering, I have a lot of flowers around my house, any time I step out of my environment, I feel good and attracted by the natural beauty and the conducive atmosphere, it creates around the environment.

Loved the first lily of the valley one! And that rose, to die for! Does it have a nice scent? Just loved this collection of flowers!

Actually these flowers were made into cut roses and filled our entire open living space with a rosey scent.

Oh! That must have been heavenly!