Roses for a good start of the week

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Somehow I have to make the start of the week to look nice and the best would be the flower. Any flower can do, but I will go with roses again.

Monday morning is not quite favourite time. The weekend is over and I will be stuck in the office next five days. However, before I reach the office I pass through the garden in the factory where the roses welcomed me. This year I got little time to stop and make some photos. Always in a hurry. Last week I snapped few photos and here they are.

When I want to make picture of a dark red rose I always get it wrong and the light changed the colour. This time I made a mistake with the settings and the exposure and the photo itself turned dark, but I took advantage of this disadvantage to change the image and using splash to show the red colour as I wished.


I still prefer the pink roses more. They are so delicate.




Roses aren't any less beautiful because they don't live long. No one looks at them and thinks, man, what a tragedy they'll only be around for a little while. You just appreciate them while they're there. Or if you don't, you're missing the point.”
― Sophie Cameron, Out of the Blue


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Big thank you for your kind support!

How lovely to be able to see these beautiful roses before you enter your office it would brighten up your morning to see these lovely colors 😊

Indeed and on top of that to hear birds singing. There are many finches there and even nightingale can be heard.

It sounds like your walking into a Botanical garden and not your office how 😂

I really love that first picture - the contrast between the red and the black makes it so beautiful :)

Thank you very much, I am glad you like it 😀

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Thank you very much 😀
The flowers always bring positive vibes, don't they?

  ·  6 months ago Reveal Comment