Eating My First Corn of The Year - # 3rd day of #IAmAliveChallenge

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I didn't even know that corn was already in the market as it came to me in a shock to suddenly see it being sold.


I actually went to buy detergent in a provision shop, but couldn't move away from the corn.



You can see how excited I am eating the corn with pears is another recipe entirely.


This shows that True happiness does not come from the government but from within you. At least we now have corn and pear to keep our self busy from the Covid 19 lockdown.

And this is my 3rd day of this challenge #IAmAliveChallenge initiated by @flaxz. Those who have not participated, I invite you to join the challenge.

Stay home and stay safe.


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Seems to look delicious ;-)


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You need a bite

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Hello dear friend @peacewealth, good that roasted corn is already available in your city, that looks very delicious.

You are very right, we are the first to worry about ourselves and not wait for the gunarmental sector

I wish you a great night

I appreciate you my brother. If there is a way, I would have sent some across to you. You just have to join me in faith and share the sweetness