#2 "Because I Am Alive"

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Happy Friday and happy weekend to you all!
Because i am alive today, i have every reason to thank God.
Some started today with me but some are not still breathing as i speak.
So because i have been fortunate and very privileged to see and witness this second, minute and hour then i am very grateful and thankful to God Almighty.

If you see no reason to always remain grateful to God then for the fact that you are breathing the free and natural oxygen and you are able to carry out normal respiratory process; this is enough reason to always return all glory to God and stay genuine and faithful in doing this.

So because i am alive
Because i am still breathing
Because i am still living
Because i am still existing
Because i am still normal
Because i am so fortunate to witness every rising sun and the setting down of same
Because of his mercy and grace
I return all glory and honor to God.


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Happy to see you alive...

And you too. Thank you for stopping by

Welcome to the #IAmAliveChallenge! Nice to see you safe, healthy and alive!

Thank you for welcoming me here
Stay safe as well

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Grateful to see you alive and well.

Oh i really appreciate that. Thank you for stopping by