A Walk At Wood Islands

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With the whole country in shutdown and only a few stores and takeouts open, Hubby and I went for a drive down to the ocean at Wood Islands.


Wood Islands is where the ferries leave P.E.I.for Caribou, Nova Scotia. This is one of the ferries (the Confederation) docked for maintenance.


The ferries don’t run in the winter and were ready to start operation in May. This has been been delayed because of COVID-19 and they will start running later this month. The ferry ride across the Northumberland Strait to Nova Scotia takes 75 minutes and is a pleasant experience. I’ve been across the Strait on the ferry many times and always enjoyed the trip.


Lobster boats are also docked here as some fisherman fish from this wharf.

Looking out across the water


The lighthouse at Wood Islands.


The lighthouse has been decommissioned and taken over by the community. It contains a gift shop and would normally be open for tours starting now.

We spend awhile walking around the lighthouse area. Nothing was going on and only a few vehicles driving around.

I thought of @shasta and her #boulderSunday when I saw this big boulder.


So ends my Wednesday Walk hosted by @tattoodjay in collaboration with @elizacheng and #makemesmile. Check his post Here for more information on the challenge.

Location: Prince Edward Island. Canada


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Your photography is really nice.

Thanks @kamrunnahae!😊

Oh, I would love to ride on that ferry! The only time I have been to Canada was the summer of 1981 when my mom, my sister and I visited the Canadian side of Niagara Falls after driving thru from the US side. I really want to see more of Canada!

It is a great ride Violet and You can have a lunch on board but I usually like to sit near a window and enjoy the view of the ocean.

Looks like a beautiful place, I would love to visit some day. I think I'd much rather take that ferry to get to Nova Scotia than the bridge! By the way, it takes us about 15 minutes longer to get to Vancouver. I love that lighthouse! Shared :-)

Thanks so much Keith and for the share. From where I live it’s shorter to take the ferry to Nova Scotia and more fun than driving around to the bridge.😊

I understand why you enjoy the trip in the ferry. How many lobster meals have you enjoyed over the years? They are delicious that I do not eat too often.

Haha Angie. I've had a few lobster meals over the years but I don't eat them often.

I don't either but when I do I really enjoy the flavour.

what a beautiful spot I love the lighthouse

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks Jay. It is a lovely area to spend some time.


Looks very beautiful

Thanks Jason and thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks @pinmapple!

So beautiful, Joanne :)

Thanks Rob. I'm glad you think so. 😊

Howdy redheadpei! Wonderful photos, very scenic! I love that lighthouse, that would have been a heck of a job to run that thing. This was five days ago, you guys are starting to reopen things by now aren't you?

Finally Cowboy, some things are starting to reopen. We had 27 cases that all recovered with no hospitalization. Health officers are afraid of the second wave and are cautious. Check points still at the bridge and the ferry opening is postponed until later.

How is it going in your area?

The cases here are still high but everyone is going back to work anyway because they're willing to take the risk so I hope we don't have a second wave like they're warning us about.

It’s a scary thing Cowboy. Some things are slowly opening here as there are no new cases on the Island.

Take care and be safe!

No new cases! Sounds like you guys have the thing beat there. Now you just have to quarantine the whole island for awhile. lol.

Morning Cowboy. Yes, there are checkpoints and no one gets on the Island unless they are essential. Many cottager are upset that only come here in the summertime. I imagine the restrictions will be lifted later this summer if all goes well.

I've checked your page and don't see any new posts for a lot of days. 😐

Howdy redheadpei! I hope all restrictions can be lifted this summer. The numbers here are scary. Yesterday Texas had their highest daily infection number because they opened the businesses back up but people would rather take their chances than go back inside so I guess we'll just take the hits.

Yes, Mrs. J. took an axe to my steemit/hive experiment after I spent all my time on here for 2 years and have nothing to show for it. So now I'm working on projects around our property which I've put off for 2 years! lol.

Afternoon Cowboy! Even if your not posting, it is good you still keep in contact. I haven’t made anything either and have still got to try if it can be done. 😂 .I’m building up my VP anyway so i can give a decent upvote.

Thanks for sharing your WALK and SMILE... That is one HUGE boulder. And a 75 minutes ferry ride... I would love to enjoy it once there too... Looking out at the blue blue sea water and the blue blue sky...

Welcome @elizacheng and thanks for the beer and your #makemesmile collaboration with Wednesday Walk. 😊

The ferry ride is a must to experience if one comes to the Island.

Hey @redheadpei, here is a little bit of BEER from @elizacheng for you. Enjoy it!

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I have always wanted to visit Canada and your photos have made it more inviting need to get there some day.