Skate Singapore

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There is a growing interest in skateboarding in Singapore.

There is a community-based project called Skate SG in Singapore to nurture this culture and promote the future of skateboarding in Singapore.

Hafiz Salleh is one of the co-founders of this wonderful skateboarding community to promote the culture of skateboarding in Singapore.

He has a passion for skateboarding and he started this community to develop younger kids in skateboarding.

Video Source

In the videoclip, he shared about how skateboarding can be a bonding activity that can be more than simply a hobby.

The culture of skateboarding can be tracked back more than 20 years ago around the Raffles Place in Singapore.

Raffles Place was a meeting point for street skateboarding.

I do hope you enjoy my post about the growing culture of skateboarding in Singapore that is my homeland.

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