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Dragonchain isn't a new name in the cryptosphere. But it has always been a low profile blockchain despite its high potential.

In 2018, I bought some Dragon chain's coin $DRGN at $4. I was very optimistic of it and couldn't digest its continuous decline in prices in the bear market. I had to sell those at quite a loss when I decided to exit Kucoin.

In this quarter, this coin touched an all time low of about 2 cents. But now it's rising again.

On May 29, Nasdaq published a story titled "Discovery Science to Premier Crypto Funded TV Series About... Dragonchain?". This brought attention back to DRGN.

The documentary Open Source Money tracking a crypto project (Dragonchain) is probably the first documentary on a cryptocurrency that is debuting on Discovery Science.

In celbration of this, Dragonchain has launched a provably fair Treasure Hunt for a huge 500000 DRGN.

DRGN prices are currently 9.25 cents so the prize money is slightly less than $50,000. If you like Dragonchain project and love treasure hunts, this is not to be missed contest for you.

Just look for the clues by watching Super Happy Dragon Lucky. You will find the answers by watching Open Source Money's episodes every week. There are 5 episodes in all. You can also watch SHDL episodes on Youtube if you miss the live show.

Find complete details of the contest and its rules here.

I assume that answers for this treasure hunt will be easy to find as the Grand Prize is decided by a provably fair luck draw of all the correct entries. So there must be many participant to it.

I'm not in US so I ain't watching Disney Science. But if you come to know of all the answers, then you're welcome to share those with me 😝. In the end, prize will be drawn by a "provably fair" draw. So it should be fair to share answers, I guess! 😂

Wishing you a tons and tons of Dragon in your life ...I mean Dragon dollars! 😜

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woah...2cents....the last thing I remember about dragon chain was when it got viral on twitter and hundreds of drgn holders made videos about it.

Never bought it, I remember seeing it above 1$ and thinking it was dropping so much.

2 cents must be heartbreaking for people. Sad how much some coins can lose their value.

You were lucky to escape from dragon then.

I remember, this to be one of those two coins I felt it difficult to make an exit, when leaving KuCoin. Finally, with a heavy heart I sold it around half a dollar. The other one I transferred to a wallet and am still holding. It's Achain.

But these are perhaps the costs we pay to dream big!

Yepp, big dreams have big costs and big rewards. I would say keep dreaming big. I do the same. Someday, we will achieve our big dreams.😎