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Who doesn't know Travala.com?
Almost all crypto enthusiasts who love travelling know Travala as the crypto-friendly accommodation booking platform.

Who doesn't know Expedia?
If you love travelling, you must have most certainly heard of Expedia, if not used it yourself.

Haven't you heard of TravelbyBit?
The leading cryptocurrency-friendly flight booking portal that is backed by Binance.

Imagine what happens when all these three comes together?

Well, we already know that Travala.com announced its strategic merger with TravelbyBit just over a month and a half back.

Today comes the news of partnership between these two giants in the travel industry. Travala.com has just announced that it has partnered with Expedia Group's Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS).

This partnership makes more than 700,000 Expedia Group hotels and accommodations available on Travala.com platform for booking with over 30 cryptocurrencies. Travala.com already have over 2 million hotels in 230 countries available for booking on its platform.

So what does all these mean for AVA?
(AVA is Travala.com’s native cryptocurrency)


This is a recent screenshot from Kucoin Exchange. You can see a lot of movement in volume and price.

So what do you make out of it?
Are you buying?

I'm not investing because I don't have any money either on Kucoin or in Binance DEX wallets. Secondly, I don't know to what point the price will go in the short term.

If you remember, last week I bought some NPXS when PundiX's PoS device enabled Paypal. The prices did jump over 3x and then fell too. But you know what? I'm still holding those NPXS. LOL!

So short term doesn't work for me.

How about you?

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Hello there !

I saw the news but thank you for digging in and explaining the situation. 😉

Why would someone own ADA if you can pay for these accommodations in BTC, ETH... ?

Coz ADA is a great project to invest in! 😂

Just kidding, I know you meant AVA instead.

Of course, you can pay in any of the accepted cryptocurrencies but staking AVA gives you several benefits like direct discounts, loyalty rewards and 1% monthly staking bonus. Anyone can stake 5000 AVA to get their Level 5 Smart Membership. Beyond that I ain't sure if you need to pay with AVA to avail upto 10% discount & loyalty rewards but there must be some conditions to promote the usage of AVA. You will need to dig deeper for that!

Hahaha indeed ! AVA of course !

Well, it is a staking coin that gives you some discounts basically. Still better than nothing right but I will not even lose time to do my own research 😃

You're smart!
If I was a frequent traveller, I'd have definitely bought & staked AVA. 10% on rooms is a lot for me! Also, 12% APR isn't bad either.

But for now, I'll look for a better coin 😜