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Hi friends,

How are you doing today?

Today, I was in no mood of writing any post and was just taking a break and trying to explain things like blockchain technology and working of Hive ecosystem to some newbies.

I found it quite difficult to explain while trying to sound interesting all the time. But then I recollected this tool that represents blockexplorer of Bitcoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin Cash blockchains in such a funny and engrossing way that I myself enjoy looking at it for long.

Probably you know about this tool called TxStreet. It is still in beta but has released a new improved version and includes visual monitoring of 3 blockchains (BTC, BCH & ETH) in the same website.


A screenshot of Ethereum blockchain explorer from TxStreet

In this visual, on the left side there is a colony of people with several rows of houses. Every house in this colony represents a Dapp on the blockhain. On right side, several buses / cars / coaches are waiting to be boarded. People are running to catch these buses. Each of these persons represents a transaction that is initiated and buses denotes a block in the blockchain. Bus waits at this station until the traffic light turns green from red. As soon as traffic light turns green, the bus or block moves and become the part of the blockchain.

You can find the details of the block by clicking on the bus (block). Clicking on the House will display details about the dApp it represents.

You can also watch and compare the functioning of 2 blockchains on a single screen. Here's a shot of Bitcoin Cash vs. Ethereum:


I've expanded the Stats window here. Notice the median transaction fee on ETH is currently at $6.83 vs. BCH at $0.001. Such a hefty txn fee, when network is running with only 14.57 transactions per second! Hope it should be fixed with ETH v2.

But I liked the visual presentation of this tool. TxStreet was inspired by TxHighway. Howeveer, TxHighway is under maintenace for a long time now. It's developer says that he will be launching its v2 soon. v2 will enable easy addition of new features to this tool. The developer plans to add some very cool new features including mini games like fogger and new ideas like "rocket launcher mode".

Blockchain education and use should be fun for techies as well as non-techies! These tools are trying to serve this purpose. But it would be great to see such interesting tools developed for every blockchain out there!

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I visited that website a couple of weeks ago and is a sexy way to create a representation of blockchain transactions.

I too fell in love with it at first sight :)

It was so amusing as well as educative!