$360 YFIV Airdrop Alert

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Recent grand airdrops of tokens like UNI, MEME etc. has triggered a renewed craze towards airdrops and giveaways. So we keep coming across several airdrops.

Who don't like free money! Well, I don't know about you but I like to get as many legit airdrops as I can ...provided I've time to spare for it.

I mean, I intentionally missed the KAVA airdrop from CMC as their earlier BAND reward was too little for me to spare a minute for their activity based rewards (Yeah, I didn't chose to copy-paste answers!). But when you talk about 100s of dollars worth of free money, I can't afford to miss that!

Recently, I came across this YFIV airdrop that claims to giveaway $360 to anyone doing some trivial activities of joining their Telegram and retweeting their tweet. Now that sounds unbelievable.

And perhaps it's actually not as real as it sounds.

Frankly, how legit it is, I realy dunno. But I signed it anyway. For me, risk to reward ratio is too good to ignore it 😜.

Their Telegram bot did credit me with 1 YFIV token. But it's not worth $360. In their Pre-sale, they are selling their tokens at a price of 1 ETH = 10 YFIV. That makes it only about $35 each.

Yesterday they also did a giveaway to 50 wallets that had some specified tokens like UNI, LINK, YFI etc. I was a little late for it.

But anyway, I got the airdrop. Will you like to get it too?

If yes, I should tell you that they are also giving away some referral reward. So why not use my referral if you don't have any other? 😉

Here's my referral link to their Telegram bot:



Good luck!

You can also claim your 0.12 XYFI by giving out your ETH wallet here:


Do Your Own Research!

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Be careful that most airdrops are waste of time. Do you have some information on the MEME airdrop and how to claim it?

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Hey, I did join under your referral. THanks for sharing.

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Thank you!
Hope you also claimed your XYFI airdrop.

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Yes, I want ! :)

Go get it! :)
Go with both hands empty and claim YFIV as well as XYFI. Who knows what could these turn into.