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This week @ecotrain asked us to share our biggest question or mystery of our life that is still unanswered.
Well my biggest question is only one word long ...or short? But I still don't know any answers to it. Okay, let me try to describe my question here:


Who can answer me, will you try?
The only question I ask is "Why?"

Why is the sky blue?
Why does the rainbow bow?
Why is the night dark and day so bright?
Why is my skin colored black when others' are white?

Who can answer me, will you try?
The only question I ask is "Why?"

"Oh dear, why don't you ask your dad?
I'm busy with some work", my mom said.
So with some hope, I went to my dad.
Hiding behind his smile was the fact
that he didn't know a tad but wanted to help.

"My son, go and study some Science books!"
They have uncovered these answers, it looks".

"No dad! Subject of Science is quite deceptive.
It never answers "Why" though it's very informative.
If you delve it deeper, you'll find nigh,
it only tells you "How" but doesn't answer "Why"

"Okay then did you study Theology?
I hope, it can calm your curiosity"

"No dad! Their intention is not really to answer the question.
To cease all questioning to attain peace is their contention".

"Ah, all right! How about Philosophy?
It should give you some insight, surely".

"No dad! Philosophers' reasoning seems logical & sound,
But the ultimate anchor of their reasoning has no ground.

Oh my son! Why do you want to know "why"?
There are so many things to deal with and live by.
You should become a realist and understand what's conceivable,
Answers to some questions are unknown and unknowable.

But the only question I ask is "Why?"
You too asked me "why?"
That's why,
I wanna know "why?".

Who can answer me, will you try?
The only question I ask is "Why?"


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It all depends on the light. All answers relate to the intensity or absence of light. But you knew that.

But why? 😜

Well, all answers related to intensity or refraction or dispersion of light are just an explanation of the optical phenomenon. So these explains 'how?'. But the question is 'why?'😇

beautiful poem! love it! havent seen a QOTW response for a long time like this ;_)

and the ultimate question: Why do you want to know why!!>>? Mmmmm that is a tough question!

Thanks for appreciating it! 🙂

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That's awesome, thank you!

Tell me why you answer the question with "why" ? 😉

Oops sorry! I dunno the answer! 🙃

But why are you asking me this? Don't you know why? 😜

My curiosity to know reason of "why" 😉