Race car! 5 minute freewrite

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This is my entry for the Friday´s freewrite challenge of @mariannewest with the prompt: race car. If you want to participate here you have the rules at the following link

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Dear friends

For most of us our life has been followed in a similar way to a race track in which each of us is the main driver.

Suddenly we now find that our race car has stopped due to a mandatory quarantine that leads us to reflect on what we have done so far.

The economic and social consequences of the global pandemic as a result of COVID-19, are beyond our comprehension, until now we have brought our lives to convenience without thinking about the needs of the other, suddenly we are all in a similar situation.

I just hope that this tragedy is overcome quickly, to lead us to a better world.

© 2020, Felix Garcia P. All rights reserved

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