"purple" a fiction (a felt.buzz freewrite+)

It has been a while since I wrote a Freewrite. But seeing @wonderwop was back Freewriting I thought I would celebrate with one of my own.

This is @mariannewest’s prompt


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"Purple!" Dave shouted into the cold night. "Purple! Where are you boy?" He swung the beam of his torch around. Empty buildings stared back at him.

Where was that bloody dog?

It wasn't the first time Purple had jumped over the fence and disappeared. But it was the first time in a long time he hadn't come home for dinner.

Dave often joked Purple was driven by the two Bs: his Belly and his Balls.

Dave was pretty sure, if Purple wasn't home for dinner, he would be out looking for a mate.

Kelly, the nice lady from down the end of the road - a really pretty woman with the most pig ugly little mutt that Dave had ever seen - told Dave that there was a stray hanging about in the old industrial estate.

"A female," Kelly said. "And by the sound Handsome was making when we walked by, I'm guessing she's on heat."

As usual Dave had swallowed the involuntary laugh at the sound of the ugly mutt’s name, gave it a pat on the head and thanked Kelly. Night had been falling fast so he picked up his torch and a bag of Purple’s favourite snacks and headed off in search of his dog.

“Purple!” Dave called again. “This isn’t funny any more, my friend.” He shook the bag of snacks. “I’m getting hungry. I’m sure you must be.

Behind him, coming from one of the dark shadowed buildings, Dave heard a growl. He swung around the torch picking out a fourlegged creature standing in the doorway of an abandoned factory.

It wasn’t Purple. Hell, Dave wasn’t sure it was a dog. It was big. Too big. Dave wasn’t sure if he was imagining that he could feel the vibrations of the beast’s growl.

“Hey, there,” Dave said, aware that his voice was shaking. “What’s your name?”

The dog - if that was what it was - answered with a loud bark that hurt Dave’s ear and took a step towards Dave. The torch light glinted off the bared teeth of the animal.

“I’ll tell you what,” Dave said, backing away slowly. “How about I leave you some snacks and get back in my car?”

He opened the bag and threw it over to the right - he didn’t want to throw it at the creature and startle it. The animal ignored the bag and took another step towards Dave.

Dave backed up slowly, with the beast seeming to mirror his movements. Dave felt the cold metal of his car against his back and slowly opened the door.

The dog began to run.

Dave leapt into the car and managed to slam the door shut as the creature crashed into it. Ignoring the sound of claws scratching into metal Dave put the keys into the ignition and stated the engine.

He drove off, his foot to the floor, one eye on the road ahead, one on the mirror watching the creature fall further and further behind.

Dave could only prey that Purple hadn’t met that thing.

As he pulled into his driveway, his heart still pounding, he say the familiar shape of Purple lying on his front step. The dog jumped up, waggling his tail.

“You are in a lot of trouble,” Dave said, hugging his companion and not meaning a word of it.

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