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Hi Hivers,

What is your new normal? It's been two months being in this 'lockdown' aka restricted movement in our country, and what was abnormal was now a new normal for us. Human adapt. We are survivors. And somehow, whether we like it or not, we have adaptes to the new way of living, everyone stay hormaoniously (or grudgingly) under the same roof for days, then months, then don't know until when.

Family members see each other 24/7

We relearn one another. People learn to work from home without office cubicle, and under quite stressful environment especially those who are parents because they have children who consistently need their attention and love. Delivery men and women, groceries workers suddenly become frontliners together with doctors and nurses.

Online. Online. And online.

Parents become co-partner with teachers on online-learning, stepping up the game to homeschool their children as well. Teachers learning all sorts of tools for online learning. People communicating via online as well. Many become masterchefs, baking basque burnt cheesecake, many turn their revenue online, making lots of YouTube videos, some anticipating to be Instagram and Facebook influencers. Etc. Etc. We are survivors.

What's normal to me?


I used to homeschool only one, then now I am homeschooling two. I used to cook two meals a day but now cut down to one meal and the other one I pack due to morning schedule become school learning time for the boys or some fun learning activities.

Also, many shops are not open so online shopping had become part of my lifestyle. Seeing postmen every now and then has become a norm too.

Easy fast cook

Cooking super easy fast meals is my old normal and new normal haha. It never gets old actually. Anything fast which can save time is my to-go, hence I have yet to involve in any baking unless I hire someone to clean for me after that. My easy fast meal as below- steamed minced pork with egg, stir fry vege and fry egg. Super duper easy cook. Of course steam rice because rice is our staple food.



And coffee. And buns to munch. I am on-the-go always, and many times after I cooked for the family, I no longer feel like eating those stuffs. So I rather munch on buns and drink a cup of coffee then I am on-the-go again.


Piles of clothes

Whole big mountain of unfolded dry clean cloths on sofa is my really new normal. I had never lived like this before. I love neat and tidy but with the kids all around the clock and with new job being teacher as well as co-teachering, is a huge demanding task. Believe it or not. It leaves me little time for the rest. And so the lowest priority will be folding those clothes. Luckily my husband doesn't mind to dig whatever he needs from the pile of clothes. And I will fold them on the weekends when I do not need to liaise with teacher on online teaching and the 'aftermath'.



What about your new normal?


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i can so relate to the homeschooling and easy fast meals. I'm glad my kids are back at school this week

Mountains of laundry, the new normal of the now-homeschooling mom. That's one I didn't expect.
Fast cooking - I have lost interest in baking and cooking, due to so many food allergies, and baking bread and other untouchables for those in my family who still can eat my old favorites - and I'd welcome any quick recipes, but the best foods are slow in the making, it seems. Quick Quick Recipes welcome.
You go, Jadeline!