I'm sorry

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I'm so sorry, I love you so very much,I'm so sorry for I had said to you, I'm sorry;
I know I've messed up, I'm sorry,
I repeatedly make you sad,angry and unhappy, I'm sorry dear,
I'm sorry for wasting your time, for everyday, times, seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years, I'm so very sorry;
I'm sorry for everything I had said

I just wanted a better life for us, but I messed up big time, I failed you, I know, babe I'm sorry;
I'm sorry I had to say sorry again, but I'm sorry
I know I broke my promise, for everything I'm sorry
I still love you, you mean so very much to me, nothing matters than the stillness you bring to my heart, I'm sorry babe,

I'm sorry I lied,
I'm sorry I make you sad,
I'm sorry I never appreciated you,
I'm sorry for wasting your time,
I'm sorry for everything,
I'm sorry that I'm saying I'm sorry.


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