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Oh wow, really? The article I read said that black puffballs look the same on the outside, but on the inside they're black and inedible, and it also said that puffballs can bee greenish or yellowish inside and that those are edible puffballs, but after they've gone through their reproduction cycle, so they aren't good eating anymore, so it's better to spread the spores and wait for a new batch.

Was the article wrong, or did I misunderstand?

It was this article:

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I didnt see the black ones. I am located in northern Europe. we have a dozen slightly different species of puff-balls here, they have minor alterations in shape and skin texture and color, but most of them are white (with little alterations). and all are edibles. the article you have read is correct, the thing about the lifecycle etc. obviously, they are good to use only when the body is white, when fungi texture didnt mature yet, didnt turn into spores.