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10 Silly Questions - Just For Fun

Saturday morning in the online world. Just starting out this morning. While commenting on other authors' posts, answering replies to my own, and thinking about what to write today, I stumbled upon another steemian's blog who was answering questions in response to a post by @nikolina in which she categorize as "silly and just for fun."

After reading the original quesions, I didn't think they were silly at all. Just unusual, I'll say. You didn't see my laughing, so I'll continue.

Anyway, I decided to give it a try. Here are my answers to the ten questions posed by @nikolina:

If you could choose a new name for yourself, what name would you choose?

I love my name. However, two weeks out of the hospital, and my name was still "Baby Girl". Strange goings on back then because I always wondered how could you leave the hospital without giving your baby a name. Stepped in my loving aunt did and took control of the situation. Never quite figured out where she got my name from, but I guess it suited my mom. All's well that ends well, I guess.

But if I had to choose another name, I'd pick a beautiful French name. I love the French language because it just seems to roll off your tongue and melodious to the ears. Brigitte. I feel this name suits me because it signifies majestic and great, or magnificent. I've always had illusions of grandeur with my majestic dreams of being one of the most famous fiction writers. Go big or go home, right.

What was the last thing you bought?

The last item I purchased was a gift card and birthday card yesterday after leaving an appointment. We'll have a quiet celebration tomorrow. It'll be my Sublime Sunday.

If you could have dinner with 3 people from Steemit, who would you pick?

The three people I would pick are @xcountytravelers, @redheadpei, and @deannamatthews. @xcountytravelers because we both have RVs, and there is never a loss for conversation for RV owners. @redheadpei because we're in a special club. @deeanndmatthews just because the material for her epic novel she pulls out of her head and puts on paper is amazing.

The last book you've read is...?

Image from jacket of my personal copy of book

Last book I read was Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler. She once wrote that she was a 53-year old writer, who remembered being a 10-year old writer, and expects to be an 80-year old writer. Wild Seed is an amazing science-fiction book that tells of two immortal beings, one a man; the other, a woman. Each have immense special powers. Being a spirit, he is all powerful and can change and possess other peoples' bodies effortlessly, even over long distances. She is a healer, who has had many husbands and children over her 350-year existence. She can also change shapes.

Once they finally meet, the battle of wills and wit begin as they both admire and fear each other. Who is more powerful? Well, the ending awaits you in the book, so grab youself a copy and find out.

From the information obtained in her book, Wild Seed, I discovered Octavia Butler is a world renown author who received the Nebula award. She also received the Hugo award. She published eleven books, and became the first science-fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Fellowship.

If you could choose any place for your next vacation, where would you go?

First, to Easter Island. Then to Kfahre's Pyramid, located in Giza, Egypt. I have been fascinated with pyramids and monoliths, from a young age. There are so many wonderful antiquities on this Earth that I probably would never get to see them all.

Shuffle your current playlist. What 3 songs come up first?

I love music, and listen with my earphones while online. It calmes me sometimes when I write. I have a filter of my top 20 songs in my Itunes. These three songs rotate daily:

Un-break My Heart (Toni Braxton)
Wildest Moments (Jessie Ware)
Gangsta's Paradise Instrumentals (Unwrapped, featuring Violinist Karen Briggs)

What is your Zodiac sign?

Leo and Sagittarius, I know you feel me because I'm an Aries. You know we're confident, super motivated, and passionate. Disposition is supposed to be cheerful, but don't cross us or come at us the wrong way. Then the fiery side will rise up. We're direct. If we don't care for you or a situation, you'll know. And it'll be sooner rather than later.

Hate pettiness, unnecessary actions, or dicta. Best way to a given destination is a straight line. If you want to know something about me, ask. Don't speculate.

What language would you love to be able to speak fluently?

I'd love to speak French and Spanish.

You're meeting with your friends for a drink. What do you order?
As soon as I'm seated, I'll order a Peach or Raspberry Tea. I don't think because I have HBP, Diabetes, and Thyroid problems. Those meds don't mix well with drinking any type of liquor.

Last person you talked to (in person)?

Myself. I got up this morning and said, "Chris, you know it's now almost the end of February. Better get your butt offline and start compiling your federal income tax statements and forms so you can update your spreadsheets. You know it takes concentration. Why do you always wait when you should have updated them monthly? April will be upon you in no time. Shoot."

See you later everyone.

I invite these steemians to take part in this fun exercise:
@fiberfrau; @zeleiracordero; @kirkoliver; @bradleyarrow; @arbitrarykitten


Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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I am so behind on replying but this ones is first while we have a giant storm here and WiFi is on and off. I have to confess brigitte is my name after Brigitte Bardot a french artist so that was funny to read.
The three people You picked were @xcountytravelers, @redheadpei, and @deannamatthews. @xcountytravelers because you two have RVs, and there is never a loss for conversation for RV owners, together with deann one of my first Pifc picks , van I be a fly on the wall there? And the fact your health isn’t what it should be we never see any less more enthousiastic collegue here on steemit and discord so thanks my first read today was a great one.

Hello. Just didn't put the two together @brittandjosie. I loved her as an actress when I was a teenager. So glad you enjoyed my post. I had to join in on this one just for fun.

Thanks as always for your support and encouragement. I wouldn't have made it this far without you and the rest of the Steem Terminal team lighting a fire under me, giving me wings or confidence, and sending me off.

I'll never forget my foundation. Besides, as my dear mom used to say, "never step on anyone as you climb the ladder cause you never know who you'll encounter on your way down one day." I've never forgot that. And besides, life is too short.

Take care, and have a great day.

Oh yes Easter Island and the Pyramid must be great to pay them a visit too :)

Hello. So glad you liked my post. I had to join in after reading a few of the other steemians, yours included. Thanks for stopping by @seadbeady. I'd love to travel the world, but now it has become too dangerous.

Did you see my friend request in Steem Terminal?

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Thanks so much @c-squared for stopping by and bringing news of your sharing my post in the Curation Collective Discord community for curators. You also gave me an upvote and resteem. How awesome. I appreciate the support you and the community have given me.

Thank you for taking time to participate in this challenge!

It's always great to get to know people through these types of questions and read their interesting answers.

I would also love to visit Egypt some day and learn Spanish. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Hello @nikolina. You're welcome, and thank you for sponsoring this. It was genuinely fun and easy to complete. I'll bet it was fun reading all the responses and getting to know others. As I told another steemian, traveling abroad these days is just not the same.

Great answers @justckickindiva, Thanks for the mention even if we didn’t want to be in that club. 💔
I’ve known a lot of wonderful Aries. They definitely are pioneers in many areas. My son and my mother were both Aries.

Natural gravitation towards each other @redheadpei. How do we do it? It already written in the universe of all knowledge and feelings. You're welcome for the mention, and thanks for the mention in your answers to the 10 questions.

I was almost about to "April fool" my parents, but decided to wait and not be the center of all jokes throughout my childhood. I think my mom felt I would be ,and wanted to give me some sort of name that fits that day, but couldn't think of one, haha. So glad I decided to wait, and she didn't get to name me. Poor mom, luv her death.

Thanks for your nice words about us Aries.