The White Shawl: Day 809: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday: Prompt: shawl

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Day 809: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: shawl

Do articles of clothing have feelings? I believe so. When an item is given with love and blessings and heartfelt intentions, then I think those feelings transfer to the item and is felt by the receiver.

At least that's the way I feel about my shawl. It was knitted by a family member. But that family member is a cousin-by-marriage. She doesn't feel like a cousin, though. To me, she feels like one of my sisters. And I've known her for over 45 years.

Have you ever met someone, and the moment you laid eyes upon them, a connection occurred. You think alike, you like the same foods (key-lime pie), you talk about how you feel like either of you belonged to the wrong family. She calls me her sister. And she's my Go-To-Partner for family reunion purposes. We are the reason each other succeeds with our reunion tasks. We "JUST DO IT", as the Nike commercial says.

I purchased both of us a Nike "JUST DO IT" t-shirt to wear at reunion workdays each year getting things ready. Other family members would pass by, look at us and say, "there they go." And yes, we did.

We worked well together to make sure the reunion was a success each year. We didn't mind spending whatever funds it took to make sure everyone had a fantastic time. We proposed the "Honor Our Elders" initiative at the reunion, and was in charge of that program.

But our connection was already set in stone before she knitted me the white shawl. Isn't it lovely? Just pure white, nothing else was needed. And for some reason she knew that. It was a surprise gift to me one year. I've forgotten what the pattern is. It went over my head the moment she told me.

I won't let anyone else touch it, let alone wear it or borrow it. And each year, I bring my shawl to the reunion to wear once the night chill sets in. She sees it and just smiles.

Have you ever met just "good people" as my mom used to say. You can tell. Not flashy or outspoken, loud, or obnoxious. Just a quiet spirit. And, no matter how old we get, the shawl will always be a reminder of her love and generosity towards me.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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awesome accomplishment for me. thanks for the notification.

"Muggles" may love about it - but something handmade, be it sewn or knitted, "targeted" at a specific person, will make that person feel well and warm.

Hi @muscara. I truly believe it because that's how I feel every time I wear it during this winter time here. Well and warm, and think of the times we laughed at the reunion, on the phone, and in person. She was a nurse before retirement, so she helped all family members as much as she could. Just a down-to-earth good hearted person inside. A few years ago, her hubby fell ill, so we don't have much time to spend together as she's busy accompanying him back and forth to the doctor and taking care of his needs. He's in the best hands possible that I can think of.

Thanks for stopping by with your kind words. I appreciate them. And thanks for listening to my rambling. Have a great day.

Thanks a lot for sharing this lovely story @justclickindiva, that was very beautiful and the shawl is the reminder of the friendship you have, do treasure it, it's awesome.

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